The Bobbi Brown 2016 Sunglasses Collection

bobbi brown sunglasses uk

Makeup genius Bobbi Brown unveiled her eyewear range back in 2015 and the world went crazy for her sexy specs. Why? Because only someone as talented and trusted as Bobbi in the world of makeup would really understand what a woman goes through when styling herself in the morning.

It’s hard enough making under-eye bags disappear and getting our brows just right, but throw a pair of glasses into the mix and life can be a mind boggle before 9am.

Designed to frame the face and enhance the eyes, the new Bobbi Brown prescription glasses collection launched last year was all about creating the perfect eyewear for women who love to use makeup. And vice versa; to make makeup looks easier for women who love to wear glasses.

Teamed with her amazing cosmetics range, getting ready in the morning just started to make more sense.

bobbi brown glasses uk


Being a makeup artist, I’ve always been aware of how glasses can transform the face and want to take the mystery out of how to choose the right glasses.

And now, in line with her prescription glasses range, Bobbi has launched a sunglasses collection, with styles to suit all face shapes. Just in time for summer, here are some of our top picks from the new Bobbi Brown sunglasses collection:

The Lola Sunglasses

lola sunglasses bobbi brown

Lola is hot, glam and totally on trend. With an oversized frame, you’ll have that whole Hollywood thing going on, whilst the fabulous choice of colours will add a contemporary edge to your outfit. Get the look with the Lola/S sunglasses now.

The Anna Sunglasses

anna sunglasses bobbi brown

The Anna sunglasses by Bobbi Brown are perfectly chic. With a cool 60s cateye, they have a fun retro edge and will add a touch of femininity and flair to your look. Shop the Anna/S sunglasses now and choose from 4 classic colours.

The Grace Sunglasses

grace sunglasses bobbi brownThe

Grace/s sunglasses are pretty graceful – the clue’s in the name. Made with a thick full rim frame and a soft gradient detail, they’re perfectly glam for weekend outings, champagne lunches and cocktails in the sun.

The Jake Sunglasses

jake sunglasses bobbi brown

If you love retro, you’ll love Jake. The Jake/S sunglasses by Bobbi Brown combine a retro frame design with on trend colours such as this pretty pink (below), a funky translucent brown and a sophisticated silver and black.

The Harley Sunglasses

bobbi brown sunglasses uk

These super cool Harley/S sunglasses are made for tomboys and bold trend setters. The masculine D-frame design makes it a great accessory to help frame your face and give you added contour, whilst also adding a sense of androgyny to your look.

Love the Bobbi Brown sunglasses you’ve seen so far? Make sure you check out the entire Bobbi Brown sunglasses collection online at Select Specs. Delivery available worldwide.

Gorgeous nude sunglasses for all skin tones – see here!

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