Top 5 Glasses for Playing Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm. Nintendo’s newest take on the popular Pokémon game series has gone viral, and is already being described as a global phenomenon. Since the release of the first generation of Pokémon games in 1998 the popularity of the pocket monsters has soared. Five generations and over 700 Pokémon later and the franchise is still going strong today.

The release of Pokémon Go has been long anticipated. Described as a location-based augmented reality game, Pokémon Go is already undoubtedly already a massive success. Popularity has been so high people have been exploiting loop-holes to gain access to the title before the official release date. The game has finally now been made officially available in the UK so there is no need to jump through hoops to get it!

So as players across the world take to the streets and explore their local areas, let’s look at some of the glasses that could aid them in becoming Pokémon Go champions. Whether you’re embarrassed to be seen playing Pokémon Go around your local area, or want to represent your chosen team in style, here are the top pairs of glasses available for you:

5: The SS Collection S2242


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For those who may feel just a little embarrassed about running around the streets after that elusive Pidgey, have no fear! These SS Collection S2242 sunglasses can both act as a disguise, and make you look so cool no-one will care. The classic aviator style never goes out of fashion, and they are available in Black (as shown) or Gunmetal Silver for that extra personalisation.

4: Infinity 8062


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Ideal for anyone joining Team Instinct, the Infinity 8062 have that extra spark of style guaranteed to impress your teammates. These glasses are light and comfortable to wear, making them a fantastic option for when you’re on the Go. Go on, trust your instincts and pick up a pair now.

3: Savannah 2426 – Black


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A wise choice for members of Team Mystic, the Savannah 2426 are the logical choice and are ideal for observing your environment whilst looking cool. Being a member of the largest team doesn’t mean you can’t stand out! This team is popular with scientists and Geek-chic is in style so let out your inner nerd and get catching.

2: Boss Orange 0085


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Have that competitive streak? Team Valor has called out to you. Represent the most ambitious of the teams and compete for style as well as Gym control. The Boss Orange 0085 will certainly put you right in the mix with its lightweight frame and slim profile. Winning has never looked so good.

1: Ray-Ban RX5184 – New Wayfarer

ray-ban rx5184_2

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And finally, just want an all ‘round stylish pair of glasses to help you in your quest to catch ‘em all? The Ray-Ban RX5184 – New Wayfarer are a stylish and sleek option which I’m sure all three teams can agree are a top choice. A new take on one of the most popular designs of all time, the New Wayfarer are highly durable, so perfectly suited for exploration for those rare Pokémon. Retro design at its best.

Share your Pokemon Go tips and any rare Pokemon spotted in which locations below in the comments section!

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