How to Rock Granny Glasses: The Vintage Eyewear Trend

how to wear granny glasses

This look is not for everyone. The throwback granny glasses trend is a lot of things – it’s super hot, it’s right up to date, it’s bursting with girl power and it’s full of high end appeal – but it’s not easy.

Granny glasses are certainly not easy to pull off. The trick is to work a pair of granny glasses without looking like an actual granny; sounds contradictory but if you get the wardrobe elements right, it can be done.

Here are 5 style tips to help you rock those vintage granny specs:

Tip #1: Perfect Your Vintage Wardrobe


If you’re going for the vintage granny glasses look, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe too. Bring in a few vintage pieces to add some fun and flair to your outfits. Even if it’s just a vintage hat, some vintage jewellery, a vintage shirt or a simple vintage belt, mixing up your decades can help to add a fashionable edge to your look.

And don’t worry about colour clashing or print clashing either (florals are always a winner!) because vintage style havana specs like these Hallmark B81110 frames are so easy to mix and match.

vintage granny glasses for women

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Tip #2: Style Your Hair

how to look hot in granny glasses

It doesn’t matter what style of hair you go for (even if it’s the unstyled/unkempt look). But just make sure you do go for something. Styling without a strategy when it comes to granny specs is simply not an option. Even ‘effortless’ isn’t exactly effortless so be sure to run your fingers through your hair with some volumiser or frizz tamer.

Oversized specs like these amazing Blue Ribbon BR5 glasses look great with most hairstyles (apart from gym hair or running-for-the-bus hair) so it should be pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

how to pull off granny glasses

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Tip #3: Dare to Accessorise

Accessories are everything when you’re trying to pull off the vintage look. Granny glasses need a little helping hand in the wardrobe department so don’t hold back. Rock an eclectic style with large costume rings, bangles and bracelets, scarfs and neck ties, bows and frills, and of course hats! You can’t go wrong with a hat – it really finishes off the look.

Accessorising also allows you to play around with colour and you can experiment with different frame colours like these Polaroid PLD 3S 001 glasses, which are available in 3 cool designs. how to look hot in granny glasses vintage how to look hot in granny glasses how to look hot in granny glasses

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Tip #4: Pick a Decade

granny glasses style vintage

Mixing and matching your eras is oh so cool these days. But sometimes, it’s nice to pick a point in time and just run with it. Perhaps you want to get the 50s pinup look (red lippy is a must) or maybe you want to nail 70s boho granny (crochet all the way baby), or perhaps you love the 60s siren in which case, cateye glasses like these Safilo SA 6031 frames are a total winner. how to wear vintage glasses

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Tip #5: Go Fresh Faced

A photo posted by Gucci (@gucci) on

If you’re going for a certain style (like 1950s for instance), a pop of bright lipstick and some colourful blusher is great for warming up the face and giving you a stand-out look. But just like we’ve seen from the 2016 Gucci eyewear campaign, fresh-faced works just as well.

Some subtle contouring to make those cheeks look divine, a dewy foundation finish and some classic nude lip tones will allow you to work with bolder styles. Like these gorgeous retro Gucci GG 3747 glasses, available in 5 funky colourways.

retro glasses gucci

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3 retro glasses for the vintage fashion love – see them here!

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