The “Ugly Trend” in Eyewear: How Ugly Sunglasses Are this Season’s Beautiful

ugly sunglasses trend sports eyewear fashion 2021

In 2021, ugly is the new beautiful. So that means putting functionality first, fashion second. That’s right, those sunglasses you reserve for cycling or running are actually your new fashion accessory. While sportswear and athleisurewear have dominated runways for a long time, the eyewear world has only dabbled….until now!

Sure, visor style sunglasses, polarised lenses and flat-top shades à la Victoria Beckham have been all the rage. But real, actual, 100% practical sports eyewear hasn’t really had a look-in. Today we celebrate functional sunglasses. Think protective shields, big wind-proof lenses, wraparound silhouettes that provide added coverage, and slightly garish colours that won’t match your outfit (sorry).

Shrimps, Givenchy, Balmaim, Fendi, Moschino and Versace runways all testify to this. So it’s time to invest in a pair of ugly/beautiful frames if you want to refresh your wardrobe style in 2021.

Maui Jim Kula – £249.74

ugly sunglasses trend 2021 sports eyewear maui jim
Maui Jim Kula

This pair of Maui Jim Kula shades is a great way to dip your toes into this trend. No need to fully commit when you can test the waters from a safe distance. With polarised lenses and a saltwater-safe treatment, they are perfect for coast-dwellers.

Wear them poolside, in the ocean or just for everyday casual attire. Great coverage as expected, and easy to style with a seasonal wardrobe.

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Adidas ad08 Evil Eye Halfrim L – £109.00

Adidas ad08 Evil Eye Halfrim L

If you’re looking for maximum eye protection, the Adidas ad08 Evil Eye Halfrim sunglasses are a good investment this summer. Lightweight and durable plastic ensures comfort and continued performance, and the mirror lens gives you both the sports cred and added glare protection from the sun.

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Bolle B-ROCK PRO – £214.31

ugly sunglasses trend 2021 sports eyewear bolle

The Bolle B-ROCK PRO sunglasses are anti-fog, anti-scratch, and have a Thermogrip® system to give you a secure, comfortable fit. Their rose pink lenses deliver comfort and help the eyes adjust to contrast. It’s generally a good all-rounder if you’re unsure of what lens colour to go for, as the vermilion hue enhances contrast and improves depth perception.

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Smith Optics ATTACK MAG MTB – £174.64

ugly sunglasses trend sports luxe 2021 smith optics

Oversized is always chic, and these sporty shades combine performance tech with big eyewear glam. They provide larger coverage than most, with a lens that features a ventilation channel for fog-free vision. Plus the ChromaPop™ lenses enhance contrast and natural colour – while being both smudge and moisture resistant for easy cleaning and clear optics wherever you go.

There’s no denying the boldness of the Smith Optics ATTACK MAG MTB sunglasses. Embrace the colour and don’t worry if your shoes don’t match. With the ugly sunglasses trend, standing out like a sore thumb is actually très chic.

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Versace VE4393 – £221.02

ugly eyewear trend sports 2021
Versace VE4393

If it’s retro sports luxe you’re after, these Versace VE4393 frames will get you noticed for all the right reasons. You can’t miss these show-stopping glasses in a crowd! They ooze futuristic femininity and have signature Versace detailing for instant brand recognition.

They even come with additional clip-on gradient lenses to switch up your look – perfect for those days you need to dress to impress.

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Moschino MOS049/S – £205.59

ugly sunglasses trend 2021 women's sports luxe eyewear moschino
Moschino MOS049/S

Moschino’s take on the functional sunglasses trend is next level, giving you the most secure fit with a comfortable and adjustable head strap. Going off-piste? Enjoying a quick cycle? Or simply running for the bus? Your eyewear isn’t going anywhere and won’t fall off mid-action.

With a pink multilayer lens, a stylish narrow set frame, wraparound elegance and bold Moschino branding, you’ll be sure to look the part.

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