Best Sunglasses for Overcast Days: Choosing the Right Lens Colours and Coatings

We’ve had word that spring is on its way but for now, drizzly weather and overcast skies still linger. Despite the chill in the air, this is a wonderful time for walking and outdoor exercise. Overcast days are also excellent for some scenic photography, as clouds can mellow out the sun’s harsh light. But before you step outside, make sure you have the right sunglasses to keep your eyes protected!

Sunglasses are still essential when it’s grey and cloudy, because harmful UV rays are still present even when the sun isn’t shining. In addition to shielding your eyes from the sun, a good pair of shades can protect you from wind, rain and debris, and can even improve your visual clarity, making your adventures safer and more enjoyable.

Here’s a guide to choosing the right sunglasses for overcast weather, including the best lens colours and lens coatings for maximum performance.

Sunglasses with soft yellow lenses

Sunglasses for Overcast Days yellow lens colour
Vogue VO4083S

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While dark lenses are brilliant at blocking out harsh sunlight (and perfect for summer), softer colours such as yellow, gold or rose are made for those grey, cloudy days. These lenses have a much higher VLT (Visible Light Transmission), which means more light passes through the lens so you can see better. But at the same time, you’re protected from UV rays.

If it’s positively dreary out there, yellow is a great choice for your lens tint, as it makes your whole environment appear brighter. Making the Vogue VO4083S sunglasses the ultimate cold-weather eyewear.

Gradient lenses for intermittent sunlight

Sunglasses for Overcast Days lens colours gradient

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One of the benefits of gradient sunglasses (other than looking stylish and chic) is being able to give you better light management from above and below. The darker gradient at the top ensures that any overhead light poking through the cloud doesn’t cause too much glare, while the bottom of the lens allows ample light to pass through.

These SÜÜNA Anne frames are seriously versatile, and they have a soft brown/red tint to ensure brilliant visual clarity. Their adaptable nature makes them ideal for changing light conditions.

Photochromic sunglasses for indoor/outdoor

sunglasses for overcast days photochromic lenses
Ray-Ban RB1971 SQUARE

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If the weather man isn’t being straight with you, having a pair of sunglasses with photochromic lenses could be the answer. These special lenses adapt to environmental changes (such as indoor, outdoor, high or low brightness), and they provide enhanced comfort by reducing eyestrain and sun glare.

This means you can go anywhere, at anytime, without the fear of being caught out by freak weather. These Ray-Ban RB1971 SQUARE sunglasses come with a soft azure gradient blue lens for those dark and dingy days, as well as 7 other photochromic options on our website.

Sunglasses with anti-fog lenses

sunglasses for overcast weather anti-fog

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If it’s high-performance eyewear you’re after, the Bolle BARON frames are worth checking out. For frequent hikers, cyclists or dog walkers who go up against all kinds of weather, these sunglasses will keep you protected. Combining a mix of lens technology and colours, they deliver elevated comfort and clarity.

With an anti-fog treatment (of P80+), they are perfect for cold days as they won’t steam up and restrict your view. They also have an oleophobic treatment to prevent grease and dirt build-up, are photochromic, and are made to be highly resistant to scratching. Choose from 6 different colour/designs.

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