Top 5 Affordable Men’s Sunglasses for Cycling: All Under £50

Just starting out as a cyclist? Whether you’re a casual hobbyist or training for a long-distance sportive, you’ll need a reliable pair of sunglasses. Cycling eyewear is just as important as your choice of bike, or your choice of protein when it comes to performance. Because it goes without saying that the first rule of cycling is being able to see where you’re going.

A good pair of men’s cycling sunglasses provides two functions: firstly, they protect your eyes from unwanted debris and bugs, and secondly, they enhance your visibility of the road ahead. They’re also pretty handy for hiding your tears when your legs start to cramp up and your arms turn to jelly (no-one said long-distance cycling was easy).

Most importantly, clear, unobstructed vision and bug-free corneas are vital to your safety. But if you’ve got a beginner’s budget, here are our top 5 affordable men’s cycling sunglasses under £50!

1. Cebe Utopy – £45.54

cebe Utopy affordable men's cycling sunglasses
Cebe Utopy

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These are great multi-use sunglasses for men who are active and love the outdoors. As well as being suitable for cycling, they work well as your companion for hiking, running and other sports/hobbies.

With the Cebe Utopy frames, there are 5 lens colours/designs available to choose from SelectSpecs. Amber/orange and rose tints tend to be a good all-rounder for cycling as they increase visual acuity. But keep in mind the terrain, sunlight intensity, shade effects and personal preference. So do your research before buying.

Made with Cebe’s special anti-scratch technology, durability is ensured, and with large temples you’ll be sure to get excellent lateral protection. For just £45.54, you can’t go wrong if you’re on a budget!

2. Polaroid Sport Collection PLD 7024/S – £47.80

Polaroid PLD 7024/S sunglasses affordable cycling eyewear
Polaroid Sport Collection PLD 7024/S

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Not only will you get decent coverage with the wraparound Polaroid Sport Collection PLD 7024/S cycling sunglasses, but they’re also super stylish. And with a polarised lens design, you’ll be able to reduce glare on the road. Plus, the landscape will appear sharper and clearer, giving you visual clarity and comfort.

Red/pink lenses are great for low light conditions, but they can increase definition in sunny conditions too. If this colour/style isn’t for you, choose from 3 others on the SelectSpecs website.

3. Aero 19137 – £50.00

cheap high quality cycling sunglasses for men Aero 19137
Aero 19137

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Bang on the £50.00 mark, this unique and robust frame design from our Aero collection is a great buy for beginners. It is ultra-protective with outstanding coverage for the eyes, and is super versatile in terms of comfort and fit. Complete with a sports headstrap, it’s not going anywhere.

For a lot of beginner cyclists, worrying about sunglasses falling off in the heat of a climb is distracting. The Aero 19137 cycling sunglasses (for men and women) adapt to the shape and size of your head and give you the added security you need.


cheap men's cycling sunglasses CAT CTS-FILTER

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If you’re looking for cheap, high-quality men’s cycling sunglasses that don’t break the bank, the CAT CTS-FILTER frames are your ideal match. Simple, elegant and effective in its design, it’s a great choice for everyday wear as well as your cycling adventures.

Featuring Revo lenses, these sunglasses harness NASA technology to protect and enhance your vision. Plus, they’re lightweight and comfortable to wear, and have a sleek, ergonomic shape that won’t irritate or nip.

5. FCUK SPORT FCS043 – £45

stylish men's cycling sunglasses FCUK

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Looking for affordable men’s cycling sunglasses that offer the best versatility for your wardrobe? The FCUK SPORT FCS043 shades will take you from dirt track to day out, Grand Tour to garden party.

Seriously stylish. These frames make a great purchase for your holiday suitcase, or for casual weekend wear. The wraparound silhouette give you top coverage in all light conditions, while the contoured arms and rubber nose pads deliver hours of comfort.

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