The Ultimate Hygge Fashion Guide for Men

If you don’t like being cold or uncomfortable then you’ll probably be down with ‘Hygge’ style. Because this Danish lifestyle concept, which has quickly evolved into a fashion statement for (lazy) men, is all about ditching the slick and choosing cosy knits and baggy jumpers instead. Staying warm is just part and parcel of the Danish look, so take a leaf from their book and chill out in your warmest, comfiest knitwear (extra points for ones knitted by your grandma).

Before you roll your eyes, this isn’t just a flyaway trend. And it isn’t just another hipster fashion fad either. Hygge is the Danish way of life and that includes anything that makes you happy and feeds your soul during the cold weather months. Plus it’s sort of answering the prayers of guys who hate to shop because you won’t need to find anything new (even for that hot date).

If you’re a Hygge man, you’ll be embracing the concept of simple living and that means there is no need to strive for material things and flashy possessions. Achieving ultimate Hyggelig happiness is about staying in and curling up by the fire, reading a good book over coffee, living life in the slow lane (100% chill), and choosing effortless clothes that are so cosy and comfy you can fall asleep in them.

Here are our top tips on how to be more Hygge this winter.

1.Get Knitting

Knitwear is key when it comes to Scandinavian style. And when it comes to dressing Hygge, jumpers (no matter how old, worn or last season) simply will not depreciate in value. The best knits age like a fine wine and only appear more ‘homely’ and ‘authentic’ when they start to show wear and tear.  Knit your own or get a loved one to make you one and you’ll be winning the Hygge game.

2. Choose Muted Colours

Remember that bright ‘safety jacket’ orange shirt that was so hot in SS17? Well, it’s time to pack its bags and send it off to the land of storage. Because Hygge style focuses mainly on muted colours. The idea is not to draw attention to yourself but to blend in seamlessly if you were to walk into an old country pub for a quick pint at lunch. Under. The. Radar.

Hygge Fashion Men

3. Don’t Shave

Shaving isn’t banned by any means. But avoid a clean shave, squared off sideburns or overly neat goatees. Hipster beards are still the main deal and unkempt is the total opposite of uncool. Besides, the extra grizzle will keep your face warm over the winter. So don’t be afraid of a little unshaven I’m-not-trying-to-hard charm.

4. Beanies are Back!

They’ll keep your head warm and that’s the main thing here. No-one wants to freeze during a festive pub crawl or a walk in the park. And the Hygge way of life completely respects that. Toasty warmth over style – so get collecting with knitted hats, gloves, scarves and beanies. These will be your best friends for as long as winters are cold and Danish living is awesome. Team your favourite beanie hat with a pair of simple, geek chic specs and you’ll have the Scandi look nailed.

Hygge Fashion Guide for Men

5. Tight is not right

Whilst slim fit trousers will always have a place in your wardrobe, tight tops and t-shirts (vis-à-vis Geordie Shore or that poser we all know in the gym) are a no-go. Baggy and loose fitting is the way forward and you can drink as much mulled wine or artisan ale as your heart desires without the worry of your beer belly making an appearance at the party.

6. Wear Hygge Eyewear

Hygge Denmark is our brand new collection of Danish-inspired glasses and sunglasses for men. The frames are designed to be simple, easy to wear, lightweight and comfortable for long hours. Eternally stylish, sturdy and practical at the same time; everything that Scandinavia is about. Quite simply put, the Hygge Denmark eyewear range is an example of minimalist beauty and quality.

Get the look with the Hygge Denmark 5007 prescription glasses in Noir:

Hygge eyewear for men fashion hipster
Hygge Denmark 5007


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