Top 5 Glasses for the Modern Go Getter

Forget damsel in distress. You’re a woman of power. Distinction. You take your morning coffee black, and work up an ab-killing sweat before 8 a.m. You know just how to hustle.

You’re a hot blooded female who has a long day, and even longer night ahead of her. The boss. The bombshell. The baddest babe no one says no to.  

Besides the meetings, presentations, and 50 hour work week, you’ve got a hot car, a hot date, and a leather dress. It’s business around the clock, and you’re calling all the shots.

Throw out the ordinary; it’s time to be fierce and see the world the way you want to be seen. Here are five looks that will get you on top.

Cebe Lhotse

Bold is beautiful. Break away from convention and secure your place among trendsetters with genuine artistry. Turn heads and make a lasting impression as you effortlessly flow from the gym to the office. You’re more than a woman; you’re a vision. Find your voice with one of three unique Cebe Lhotse designs.


<img src="cebe-lhotse-sunglasses" alt="cebe lhotse sunglasses" />

Cebe Lhotse Sunglasses


Jimmy Choo C105

There’s no question: you’re one tough babe who’s fit, capable, strong and decisive. Yet, you manage to embody that certain je ne sais quoi that every woman strives for. It’s because of your impeccable style, mystery, and exquisite attention to detail. Sneakers or stilettos, you’ve got it locked with Jimmy Choo C105.

<img src="jimmy-choo-glasses.jpg" alt="Jimmy Choo Glasses" />

Jimmy Choo C105 Glasses

Infinity 2083

Raise the bar by getting intellectual with classy specs. Show them that you’re not just a pretty face by taking your game to the next level. Not only will you catch their eye with a distinctive image, but you’ll keep their attention as you ace the interview — and finally get the job of your dreams. Infinity 2083 knows how to take you there. 

<img src="Infinity-2083-glasses.jpg" alt="Infinity 2083 Glasses" />

Infinity 2083 Glasses

Savannah 2444 – Black

Solid, functional and to the point, these distinguished glasses are at the height of sophisticated fashion. The bold lines convey confidence and authority, while maintaining a sleek and feminine shape. Strike your power pose and seal the deal with a look that speaks for itself. Savannah 2444 – Black has your back. 

<img src="Savannah-2444-black.jpg" alt="Savannah 2444 Black Glasses" />

Savannah 2444 – Black Glasses

Tiffany & Co. TF3050

Polish off your day with a sunset walk and striking statement look. Chic and cool, these sunglasses are for the ultra modern femme, nuanced with a classic bombshell aesthetic. A simple, yet alluring design makes for the perfect investment piece — instantly trendy, yet timeless. Available in 4 different color schemes, Tiffany & Co. TF3050 will compliment every occasion and conquer any challenge.

<img src="Tiffany&Co-TF3050-Sunglasses.jpg" alt="Tiffany &Co. TF3050 Sunglasses" />

Tiffany & Co. TF3050


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