Top 5 Kendall Jenner Eyewear Looks


There’s one lady who’s been grabbing all the style headlines in recent months – of course we can only be talking about Miss Kendall Jenner!

For those of you who may or may not watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, her impact has extended way beyond the show and has been labelled so influential that Vogue magazine declared her an integral style cog in the “Instagirl era”.

Visual content has grown in leaps and bounds and with the emergence of social media platforms, it has simply exploded. For Jenner, it has been her own platform which now reaches more than a staggering 61 million followers.

What with that and being featured on the covers of Harpers Bazaar, starring in the Victoria Secret show and being a brand ambassador for Estée Lauder it’s no surprise she came within the Top 20 of Forbe’s highest earning models – all achieved before her 21st birthday.

What’s more (to us anyway) on the surface, it appears Kendall has found her inner geek too.

She’s been donning glasses as far back as 2011, when she tweeted about her requirement for eyewear.

No one knows if her eyesight is poor or she does warrant wearing glasses. But that hasn’t stopped KJ (is that a thing?) being spotted out and about in a myriad of specs and sunnies.

She has certainly brought vintage eyewear into the limelight for all to see, take a look at our Top 5 Kendall Jenner glasses:

5. Squared Aviator


Image from: Instagram

Going way back down the Instagram timeline, before Kendall become the super globetrotting model she is today, you can see her future job role was destined to be hers through countless stylish selfies and perfected poses.

And even back then she still had several sunglasses to boost her many outfits.  We’ve selected this one – a squared aviator – for its timelessness appeal, as it’s still very cool today.

Close match: Ray-Ban RB3136 Aviator Caravan


4. Round

class @490tx

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Kendall has posted several pics of her extensive range of sunnies, just like her sister Kylie, but now and again she can be seen in circular lens mode.

Sleek and not to mention oozing sophistication, it’s a nod to the nineties trend but styled up a notch (or two).

Close match: Ray-Ban RB3475Q


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3. Round Specs

Kendall has been a fan of the retro look for a while, which is summed up in this sumptuous pair of round glasses.

Simple and effective, it is a sort of a sassy secretary crossed with an Ugly Betty type appeal and the havana rim adds a classy yet vintage touch.

Close match: Giorgio Armani AR5024J


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2. Everyday Glasses

rainy, lazy, kissy, shopy ?

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Another throwback from way down Kendall’s Instagram profile are these everyday glasses she used to wear fairly often.  There’s a few different selfies with her wearing these and although they’re not as glitzy and glam as other eyewear she’s been seen in, they’re both stylish and easily accessible.

She’s not posted any pictures in these simple but chic frames for a while, but we would love them to make a comeback.

Close match: Infinity A6602


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1. Classic Wayfarer


Finally we have one of our favourite pictures from Kendall – wayfarer sunglasses, red lipstick and a perfect pout!

This stylish pair of sunnies are a genuine classic and really shows the fun side of her personality.  The almost wooden frame also adds a Californian vibe to her overall look and has us dreaming of white sands, surfboards and Californian girls – like our Kendall Jenner of course.

Close match: Arbor FX-20 Bamboo Frame


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