Top 5 University Outfit Ideas

If you are heading to university this year for the first time, you may have thought about what sort of wardrobe you are going to take with you.

Do you want to look trendy and stylish, or are you more worried about being comfortable and warm for those long lectures and seminars?

Either way, we have put together some of our favourite outfits to wear to university.

Hopefully, these will give you some good ideas about the kind of pieces to invest in before you head off in the Autumn.



A great go-to outfit would be one like Tasha is wearing above.

This super cool outfit combines black ripped skinny jeans with a classic black biker jacket.

The snake print sneakers add a pop of fun and texture to the look without being too over the top.

Monochrome is a great way to go if you want to look super trendy but don’t want to look too ‘out-there’ for your first few weeks.

Make sure you invest in some sunglasses like Tasha’s to hide your red and tired eyes from all those late nights partying!

Get the look with the Ray-Ban RB3543.

These awesome sunglasses feature a minimal metal frame and silver mirror lenses and would look fab with any monochrome outfit.

Ray-Ban RB3543
Ray-Ban RB3543

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For another low-key yet super trendy look, stick with some cropped jeans and a Breton style striped top like Lily here.

We love the red and white striped top which adds a gorgeous pop of colour.

It would look fab with some matching red nails or red lips!

Lily has cinched in her waist with a thick black belt which works well with the black lace up shoes too.

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A must-have in your uni wardrobe is a big thick coat such as Lily’s faux fur one here.

There is nothing worse than getting up in the middle of winter for an 8am lecture, and shivering the whole way through.

You may also benefit from a thick cardigan, which you can wear outside and then drape over your legs as a blanket.

We love how Lily has teamed her orange coat with some simple black skinny jeans and some embellished metallic boots, which add a touch of fun and everyday glamour to her outfit.

Don’t be afraid to wear some statement pieces at uni if you wish!

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Don’t be scared to be casual with your uni outfits – there will be days where you just can’t be bothered to dress up all trendy.

Make sure you buy a hoodie if you don’t have one already.

We adore this lilac hoodie here and how gorgeous it looks teamed with some simple jeans and white trainers.

Evelina also has a little backpack – backpacks are so useful to own so be sure to buy one.

You don’t want to be carrying all your books and folders around in a handbag, as it will soon break.

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Invest in some comfortable loose trousers such as Zoella’s striped ones above for a super comfortable and easy to wear look.

These trousers will be ideal when you need to sit for hours writing essays or listening to a lecture.

Style with some simple lace-up trousers and a simple top for an on-trend outfit.

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