Top 5 Vegan Cafes in Tokyo

There are many benefits, and stigmas, that come with living, and eating a vegan lifestyle.

For starters, many experience a healthy dose of weight loss, lowered cholesterol levels, increased awareness of animal wellbeing, and energy boosts.

To celebrate this cruelty free lifestyle, here are the top 5 vegan cafes and eateries in Tokyo, Japan that I would recommend in a heartbeat.


1. Blu Jam Cafe

A cozy little cafe tucked away on the B2 floor inside the trendy Daikanyama district, this spot is popular amongst foreigners and is extremely English friendly.

For vegans and non-vegans alike, there are an assortment of delicious LA style brunch options heavily laden with diced potatoes, avocados and salsa.

I ordered the Vegan Rancheros: a tasty combo of hardshell tortillas, salsa, avo, vegan sour cream and more.

10 out of 10.


2. Bio Cafe

As a self-confessed sweet tooth and regular dessert indulger, Bio Cafe is the perfect spot for nibbling on a vegan cake or pastry.

This tiny shop in the heart of Shibuya is well known for their freshly baked vegan bagels, and an affordable lunch set complete with an all-you-can-eat salad bar.

Tip: Try the vegan cheesecake.


3. Kaffetanten

Run by a Japanese grandma in a home-turned-cafe setting, this interesting and unique vegan spot is great for a lunch on the go.

Appearing to have a different menu everyday, the set I ordered came with grilled tofu, a hefty salad, and banana / jam combo for dessert.


4. Essence Cafe

Coffee lovers beware: you may become highly addicted to these almond milk based lattes, and find yourself returning for more.

A cute little flower shop turned cafe, this spot hold a secret downstairs area, complete with beanbags and a flower lined staircase.

Great for coffee catchups and romantic dates with your bae.


5.  5Deli

You can hear the whirring of the blender from a block away.

This corner cafe in Ebisu is complete with a smoothie bar, delicious dairy free ice cream and savory eats for those with an empty stomach.


While many non-vegans argue that “being vegan must be so difficult,” in actuality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. To find more vegan eateries in your area, try going to – a site that lists vegan restaurants and shops across the globe.


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