Frames Fit For A Londoner: Top British Eyewear Brands

If you hear the Big Ben whispering, and are at the point of losing your mind on Oxford Street, London feels like home to you.

A challenge for every living soul, this city builds dreams and conquers hearts as it is one of the main global attractions in terms of fashion and lifestyle.

There is no room for error if you wander the busy and marvelous streets of London, you have to be on point; being second best is just out of the question.

The same rules apply to London’s shades, as some of the best British brands have designed modern and accurate eyewear for fashion lovers worldwide.

Let’s take a quick guided tour and explore these beautifully crafted lenses.


Masterpieces By Ted Baker

Ted Baker London is a famous brand for unique and extravagant pairs of sunglasses.

Their collection fit for Fashionistas brings together irregular shapes, creativity, and a desire for exceptional products.

For today, we’ve selected the Ted Baker London TB1297 AGNES: a good reason to opt for a shopping session.

With tortoise/cream frames and large round-shaped lenses, you’ve got London brilliance at your disposal.

This product is stylish and glamorous and brings fresh air to any event.

So feel free to go for it and buy.

British Perfection

Founded in 1979, this brand is the definition of finely executed cuts and accurate outcomes in terms of style.

Elegant and colorful, but at the same time shy and discrete.

Hackett appears in front of us as a promoter of fine taste.

And sunglasses are not an exception.

I mean, let’s admire the Hackett London Bespoke HSB838

These shades look perfect as they combine dark colors such as black or gray with elegant lenses.

The frames actually represent the image of the brand as the design is simple, but classy at the same time.

With slimmed acetate frames and bridge, the HSB838 is ideal for one who wants to remain undercover.


Fantastic Aviators

With William Morris London, you can enjoy every moment of sun while feeling stylish at the same time.

It is no wonder why people love the William Morris London WS9127; they are the unisex British version of the aviators designed by Ray-Ban.

With incredibly-executed lines, a metal frame and bridge, the presence of an elegant color such as gold: this product promises to be a hit.

On top of that, the shady lenses make it easy to wear for both genders.

A stylish option for a sunny afternoon in Hyde Park.


Mirrored Blue Extravaganza

You can’t call yourself a Londoner if you have never tried the magic of Pepe Jeans London: a fashion symbol for the cool and young generation.

Our pick is a fascinating item: the Pepe Jeans London 7185 REED steals the show easily at any opportunity.

We chose the mirrored blue lenses as they are perfect for summer.

With a magnificent visual effect, your selfies will almost look photoshopped.

Vibrant and lovely colors such as azure, white and blue, you will feel as if there is a crazy party in Ibiza and you are the star guest.

And the best is yet to come: it is unisex.

Summer in UK? We’ve got some tips for you

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