Football Legend: Right-Wing Defender Dani Alves

Playing football is definitely a sport for the gents. When we see a football player outside the pitch it is an intriguing task to imagine them in any other outfit than a sporting one.

Style is a choice and fashion is the game, but there are some iconic figures in the sports industry and our main target is an example of pure imagination and craziness.

Dani Alves is one of the best right-wing defenders in the world.

Outside the pitch, he’s not doing a bad job as well.

Extravagant & Elegant

Don’t think of Dani Alves as a promoter of usual, boring style.

The footballer is a remarkable fashion icon as his suits are always shiny, colorful and extraterrestrial.

With every appearance, the defender marks his territory in the style universe as his Latin origin is highlighted by his clothes.

With an addiction for flashy suits and outrageously cool colors such as red, purple or brown, he steals the show with ease.

He is not shy to opt for a shiny tuxedo as this is his trademark.

Because of his extravagant formal style, Dani is one of the most talented sports icons in terms of fashion.

Addiction To Hats

You cannot take your eyes off from his hats.

Dark-colored and highly fashionable, Dani Alves’s style is highly identified with this accessory.

He wears them both with suits or with off-duty outfits such as a jacket, a white T-shirt, and some trousers.

Mark my words, this is not an easy style to copy as the footballer always appears natural and relaxed while wearing the stylish hats.

You might even think he sleeps with the hat on as it feels like this item is 100% Dani Alves-material.

Street Style Expert

If you thought you’ve seen everything, stay tuned.

Being an all-rounder and mastering the art of street style and formal style is not a walk in the park.

Dani loves hoodies, t-shirts and sports trousers.

For gala attire, you can admire his fierce Latin character through his world class and easy-to-wear outfits.

As he loves leather and cotton jackets, you can adapt this style for a night out at the club, a casual walk on the high street, or a sunny afternoon in the park.

Adaptable, stylish, clean and accurate; this is Alves’s street style.

Stylish Shades

A wow effect from his sunglasses, one of the items not to be missed from his shopping list.

He wears them at airports, while flying, at events, on holiday or just when off-duty style comes first.

In this Instagram post, Dani shines as his blue shirt and backpack team-up with a cool pair of sunglasses.

With shady lenses, metal bridges and slim temples, Alves transformed this outfit from stunning to fabulous.

We strongly recommend to copy this style and use the Ray-Ban RB4253 as your style aid.

The square-shaped lenses and modern design guarantee a fantastic look as Ray-Ban is one of the universal ambassadors of fashion.

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