Roger Federer: Style Profile

Roger Federer is a one of a kind king. Tennis champion, father of two pairs of twins, a loving husband, legendary ambassador of sports and widely known example of style and class.

The 2017 Australian Open winner is a role model for teenagers and adults alike all around the world. Every public appearance he makes is flawless.

But Roger Federer will always be the perfect gentleman. His elegance and his way of wearing a suit and tie have transformed him into a modern fashion icon.

If we substitute his cool and charming smile with a poker face, we might even cast the Swiss champion as the new James Bond. As the new face of Moët & Chandon and Rolex, he cemented his name into history as an “elegant aristocrat of tennis.”

Throughout his years as the ‘Master of elegance,’ Roger has always known how to wear a blazer with sneakers. But, his specialty is looking good in a tuxedo.

Even after suffering a knee injury in the aftermath of the Australian Open, Federer attended the 2016 Oscars Ceremony in flawless dress.

If at first glance we didn’t recognise Federer walking down the red carpet, we would have guessed he was one of the nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role.  An all-black tuxedo combined with a slim fit white shirt was perfect for the biggest annual night celebrating American cinematography.

After a disappointing year in terms of tennis achievements, he won some major style credits at the end of 2016. It wasn’t on the tennis court, Roger won the GQ Most Stylish Man competition.

Instead of hitting forehands and backhands, the champion used shiny shoes and black ties to overcome his opposition. A dream team comprised of the English actor Tom Hiddleston, fashion designer Tom Ford, former football player David Beckham or even the one-man show Jared Leto. His neutral and classic style of suits proved to be decisive, as the public chose his Swiss elegance as number one.

man in black 🎩👌🏻

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With the exception of the Wimbledon tournament, where the Swiss Maestro wore a graceful all-white ensemble, his attire was the most popular from the ATP circuit.

He has not been shy of donning sparkly colours such as pink, orange or light green. He remains a fashion icon for millions of fans as his t-shirt and shoe line generate millions of dollars every year as a part of his clothing brand: RF.

Federer is the lord of tennis both on the court and outside of it as he continues to develop the image of a classic fashion icon with the touchy swing of a tennis racquet.

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