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retro minimalism trend eyewear

Retro specs have long been a coveted style trend in the eyewear world. From the vintage glasses look embraced by the hipster community to eyewear throwbacks inspired by our favourite movies and today’s TV culture, retro is everywhere.

But in 2018, the retro trend returns with a bit of a twist. For next season’s collections are inspired by chic, uncompromising minimalism. So think simple silhouettes with a touch of vintage charm. Or stark styles with a subtle pop of colour.  This eyewear trend is the epitome of the past meeting the future. Bringing designs from the 50s, 60s and 70s right up to date with the new space age.

Here are some looks to watch out for in 2018:

Sleek Cat-eye Frames

The cat-eye style isn’t made for wallflowers. Its feline silhouette has always been a stand-out feature, one that will get you noticed. But in 2018, the cat-eye is getting reinvented. With a minimal look that can blend in seamlessly with your everyday wardrobe. Think barely there shapes, clean design and muted colours like this elegant Opal Green from Prada.

cateye glasses minimalism

Prada PR 23SV


Mixing Plastic and Metal

Material combos are still a hit next season. So look out for prescription eyewear styles that bring together acetate frame front designs and metal arms. It’s all about mixing it up – using the plastic to channel the 1960s whilst incorporating slimline metals for a contemporary, Scandi-inspired finish. So classic Clubmasters are all the rage and timeless colours are the way forward. Think havana, transparent browns / nudes or a beautiful tortoise shell print like these Fendi specs…

plastic and metal glasses

Fendi FF 0165


Wire Framing

One way to keep it simple is to opt for an ultra-slim rim, like the Miu Miu prescription glasses seen here. A chic minimalistic twist on classic cateye glasses, and an effortless look that can be styled for any occasion, any event, day or night. Thin wire framing will also give you the added bonus of a lightweight feel, meaning that you can enjoy your specs for hours on end without discomfort.

wire frame glasses trend 2018

Miu Miu MU 53PV


Transparent Glasses

One of the biggest trends in eyewear in the 1960s was the use of acetate in frame design. Although the material was invented in 1923, it didn’t become common in prescription spectacles until the late 50s and early 60s. During this time, transparent frames were hugely popular and the use of acetate plastic continued well into the 70s, 80s as well as today. These muted colour frames from Miu Miu are the ideal specs to achieve retro minimalism and can be teamed with anything in your wardrobe.

transparent cateye glasses

Miu Miu MU 06PV


Beautiful Browline

2018 also sees frames getting heavier over the eyebrows and lighter at the cheekbones. So expect to see beautiful browline styles like these glasses from Versace. Black accents are a great way of creating a bold look, whilst the half rim design keeps your eyewear soft and subtle in all the right places. The result is effortless and sophisticated enough for even the most formal of events.

browline glasses retro 2018

Versace VE1239B


Metal Browbars

Circular lenses are back too and this time, they’re not coming alone. They’re bringing reinforcements in the form of browline half rims and seriously cool brow bars. So as you may have gathered by now, it’s all about the brows next year. These super stylish specs from William Morris Black Label come in 3 classic colourways and feature adjustable nose pads for comfort. Shop now…

browbar glasses

William Morris Black Label BL40004


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