Trend Focus on Vintage Glasses: A Look at the Roaring 20s

vintage 1920s glasses spectacles

The twenties is a decade that I have slowly and steadily grown to love; I’m a 1970s chick at heart but once the roaring 1920s captured my attention, there really was no turning back.

You see, fellow fashion friends, when you strip away the trends and the fabrics and all the little nuances of these two differing decades, they’re not as dissimilar as you think. Both the twenties and the seventies were very much about liberation, freedom to express yourself, sheer hedonism, and decadence without guilt. And that’s why I love these two periods in fashion so much. But today, we’re here to focus on 20s style and the defining vintage glasses of that time.

If you love the sparkling dresses of the roaring twenties, the extreme glamour and the liberating styles of clothing, and that feeling of extreme #girlpower, join me in exploring the favourite glasses trends at the turn of the century.

Remember ladies, the twenties was a time when women were unshackled from their tight corsets, their skirts dared to go a bit higher, their waistlines got a bit looser, and post-war spending inspired a new kind of retail therapy for women everywhere.

Here are the 1920s vintage glasses looks that you just have to try…

1920s Round Frames

If you’re looking for historically accurate vintage prescription glasses from the 1920s, full round frames are the way forward. Not only do these vintage style specs mirror the fashion of this fabulous decade but they are the perfect choice for modern day hipsters too. Round frames from the roaring twenties had absolutely no style differentiation between the sexes, which was why this look became so popular with the liberated ladies of that time.

If you love the 1920s round frame style, you will fall in love with the Celine CL 41380 prescription specs for women. They are available in 3 chic colour designs.

vintage 1920s glasses

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1920s All Black Frames

In keeping with the full round spectacle frames, the 1920s also saw black rim glasses becoming hugely popular for both men and women. Unlike today’s geek chic all black glasses, twenties vintage glasses remained small in size (never oversized like today) and the rim was thin to medium in thickness (never thick like modern specs).

You can get this look with the Dior MONTAIGNE7 glasses, an ultra-chic and classy take on this 1920s vintage glasses style.

vintage 1920s glasses

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1920s Horn Rimmed Glasses

Another vintage spectacle frame design of the 1920s is the horn-rimmed style; again, in keeping with the round lens shape, these specs are small and close-set to the face and never too large or oversized. The horn-rimmed effect added a little edge to simple reading glasses and transformed an everyday frame into something rather special for the liberated fashion lovers during the turn of the century. So if you’re looking for twenties fashion with an edge, this frame design would make the perfect choice.

I particularly love the Antares 9036 unisex frames, which are available at a bargain price of just £35.00!

vintage 1920s glasses

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