Urban Geek Chic: Top 5 Stylish Cities in the World

Top 5 Stylish Cities in the World

The evolution of geek chic culture began in the mid 2000s, as an urban style movement that directed the limelight on the nerdiest members of population.

By August 28th 2013, the term ‘geek chic’ was added to the Oxford Dictionary, and so it was official; the world was finally ready to listen to the underdogs of fashion.

That’s what makes geek chic glasses such an iconic accessory. And over the years, geek chic spectacles have shaped the fashion in our cities.

But what are the most stylish cities of today? Here are five of our favourite places to hang out!


1. London

most stylish cities in world london street style

We simply couldn’t talk about the most stylish cities in the world without mentioning our own incredible capital. As an island with our own unique culture and one of the last surviving monarchies, our country is a place of great interest and intrigue to other nations. We also have a unique sense of style and are known for our vintage, alternative and hipster communities.

Where to be seen: head to Peckham for its thriving art scene, Dalston for the coolest pop-ups, and Stoke Newington for offbeat shops.

What to wear: wear vintage but mix your decades to avoid looking like a fancy dress victim, and don’t forget some classic tortoise shell specs for a timeless finish.

geek chic glasses london street style

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2. Berlin

berlin street style most fashionable cities

If you want to really experience the hipster culture, Berlin is the place to be. It’s described to have no real city centre as such. Instead, it is made up of a number of super cool neighbourhoods where art and fashion coexist harmoniously. Being ‘different’ and ‘alternative’ are celebrated here and the geek chic look is definitely a common theme in many of the city’s creative spaces.

Where to be seen: the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg area is known for its incredible graffiti art and lively nightlife.

What to wear: for Berliners, understated is cool so never over-dress and keep your frames simple with a touch of retro nerd.

geek chic berlin street style

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3. New York

most fashionable cities in the world new york street style

The city of New York is unashamedly stylish, and geek chic here is like your loud, outspoken cousin. It pays to be bold and the culture here has given birth to  a diverse fashion scene. With everything from sharp suits to creative ensembles packed with colour, Manhattan is filled with street style inspiration.

Where to be seen: Soho, Williamsburg, East Village and Hell’s Kitchen are all worth checking out if you look fashion.

What to wear: whether you’re going casual or dressing up, don’t be afraid to play around with colour (and that includes your specs).

geek chic glasses new york street style

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4. Copenhagen

most fashionable cities in the world copenhagen street style

That’s right, the birthplace of hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-guh’) has got to be on our list of the world’s most stylish cities. The concept is built on happiness and comfort, and that means dressing in a way that is more than just aesthetics. You have to feel as good as you look. And with the city being one of the most cycle-friendly places in the world, sensible footwear is a must.

Where to be seen: the former red light district of Vesterbro is not to be missed if you crave an alternative scene.

What to wear: choose baggy and comfy over skintight, and keep your eyes protected from the sun (even in winter) with appropriate eyewear.

denmark street style hygge sunglasses

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5. Tokyo

most fashionable cities in the world tokyo

People from Tokyo are well turned out…..hobo chic simply does not exist. Even those with an alternative sense of style do it with finesse and no-one is ever scruffy looking. And as the birthplace of anime, you can expect some of the outfits to get a bit crazy. But whether you’re slick and smart or wearing something wild, just be sure to do it immaculately.

Where to be seen: get spotted in Ikebukuro and explore the cafe culture in Nakameguro.

What to wear: accessories are key so pack your favourite hat and go extra thick on the rims if you’re sporting geek chic glasses!

tokyo street style geek chic glasses

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If you’re inspired by fashion from around the world, be sure to see our blog post on ‘The Art of Danish Hygge & Eyewear for Hipsters‘.

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