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I don’t know about you, but before I make any sort of big purchase (such as a designer handbag or some expensive shoes), I like to check out honest reviews from bloggers who have been there, bought that and got the t-shirt. Other than reading blog posts, another great way of checking before buying is to browse Youtube to see what vloggers have to say about their purchases. The benefit of a video blog is that you can see how a fabric moves, how a colour looks in different light, or how an accessory looks on the person and in motion. Prescription spectacles can be a tricky purchase when you’re buying them online but with such a convenient returns policy here at Select Specs plus loads of awesome reviews, it really couldn’t be easier. And there are many Youtubers who have shared their positive experiences of ordering online…

Here are 5 vloggers who love Select Specs and have had a good experience with buying spectacles online, so make sure you check out their channels and see the links to their favourite eyewear pieces below…

Paige Rohanna Beauty

This Youtuber loves her Select Specs prescription glasses so much that she has 5 pairs! She has frames in just about every colour and she even shares her story of the great customer service received from the Select Specs team. Visit Paige Rohanna’s channel, Paige Rohanna Beauty to see more of her video reviews on makeup, fashion and accessories.

I have five pairs and I absolutely love this company.

Plus you can shop her style with the Savannah 2249 in Animal Print specs, available to buy now…

animal print glasses review

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Leah XL Channel

Youtuber Leah from Leah XL Channel shares her story of how she found the Select Specs website and has since been blown away by the amazing quality and value for money of the budget collection of Savannah prescription glasses. She is now the proud owner of 7 whole pairs of Savannah specs and in the video, she shares her trusty favourites which are the Savannah 2439 glasses, also available in two other colours.

£6 budget glasses online

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Living With Lucy

How hot does vlogger Lucy look in her Savannah budget frames?! In this video, she tells her customer story and also does a 360 reveal of her tortoise shell design glasses, with a huge thumbs up for the product and the entire shopping experience.

The quality of these glasses is really, really good. You can tell when something’s cheap but these are really sturdy. They’re amazing.

Lucy styles these specs with her hair down and looks gorgeous! If you agree, shop her exact look for just £11.00 with the Savannah P2249 spectacles

cheap glasses online good reviews

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Melrika Blog

This video features a dual unboxing of both sunglasses and prescription glasses ordered online from Select Specs – if you love unboxing vids, this is a fun one to watch! Blogger Marika and Melissa from Melrika Blog love the quality of their frames and they both seem pretty pleased with their bargain purchases.

If you dig Marika’s shades, get the look with the Savannah 8121 sunglasses

cheap sunglasses online good reviews

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Or if you love Melissa’s animal print frames, copy her style with the Savannah P2375 Demi frames

cheap glasses online good reviews

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Elizabeth Adams

Spectacle wearer Elizabeth Adams posts a lovely video to thank Select Specs for such a fantastic service and great value for money. She reviews 4 different pairs of prescription frames from the website but is particularly won over by her rimless pair which feel lightweight to wear and were an absolute bargain compared to many other opticians and retailers.

They weigh basically nothing. They’re just so light on your face.

Get the look with the super lightweight Vista M208 spectacles, available in Black, Blue, Brown, Gold or Gunmetal Grey.

rimless glasses cheap online good reviews

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