Wearing Aviators as Glasses: A New Trend for Prescription Specs

Every girl should own at least one pair of aviator sunglasses. Them’s the rules. And we’re yet to meet a celebrity who disagrees with us. From Jennifer Aniston to Beyonce, Minka Kelly to Angelina Jolie, and Megan Fox to Kendall Jenner, there isn’t anyone out there who doesn’t seem to nail the look with a simple pair of Aviator Ray Bans. Whilst the black oversized sunglasses look is strictly reserved for days when you feel like Hepbun (eg: hair, makeup and nails on point) and the full-round rimless glasses are reserved for days when you’re burning incense and listening to Jefferson Airplane (eg: can’t be bothered to leave the garden), aviator glasses are for something entirely different…

The aviator style sunglasses are designed to bring out the innermost explorer; for those days that you want to channel your inner Tomb Raider. First launched in the late 1930s, Bausch & Lomb’s Ray Ban sunglasses were designed to provide glare protection for active men. By the 70s, the female version came out and today, they are a signature look for just about anyone and everyone.

In 2015, we see another movement with the classic aviator style glasses. This style has now emerged as a hot trend in prescription glasses too and some of our fave celebs have been sporting this geek-chic-meets-Lara-Croft look.

Kendall Jenner

I have a problem

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Her sister may be the Queen of Sunglasses in the land of Instagram, but Kendall has nailed the smart and sophisticated prescription glasses look. And we just love how this Instagram video captures her chilling out at home and casually getting bitten by one of her fave pets. You can get the same look with our Ray-Ban RX6049 Prescription Glasses and we think the Matte Gunmetal 2620 colour is a very slick and stylish choice.

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Shay Mitchell

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It’s no secret that Shay Mitchell is a fan of Ray Ban sunglasses. She owns a pretty impressive collection of Ray Bans and her Instagram feed is filled with her latest travels and exotic adventures – all donning aviators of course. But every adventure seeker, jet setter and celebrity party girl has to come home at some point (especially when they have pets as cute as Shay’s) and here Shay shows us a typical day relaxing in her own surroundings.

She’s probably kicking back with a peppermint tea, reading a book, snuggling up to dog Angel and catching up on Netflix. But we can’t get a good view of Jon Snow without our specs now can we? Which is where these gold framed Ray-Ban RX6049 Aviator Glasses come in…

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Taylor Swift

Don’t worry if you’re not a huge fan of the metallic tones. Swifty shows us in her ‘You Belong with Me’ video that even aviator style lenses can be accompanied by a black / coloured frame. If you’re just not a Ray Bans kinda girl (don’t worry, we still think you’re cool), this look could be a perfect alternative. This is so much more geek chic and we have some perfect specs online right now so you can steal Swifty’s style. Check out our Tom Ford FT5380 glasses which feature a slightly oversized aviator look in ‘Shiny Black’ or two other stylish colours…

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