What’s Wrong With Doctor Who’s Sonic Sunglasses?


Doctor Who fans are not happy.  Oh no, they’re furious!  The Doctor’s beloved sonic screwdriver has seemingly been binned for a pair of ‘ordinary’ sonic sunglasses – oh the outcry!

The sonic screwdriver, which could solve and do just about everything, has been lost to Davros in “The Magician’s Apprentice.”  Without realising it, Doctor Who fans were witnessing a dark day for the sonic screwdriver, just because it’s kind of clear now it may not make its return.

In the words of the Doctor, we are too “over” the screwdriver and those who are spitting venom at the new sonic accessory need to look towards the future, where wearable technology rules supreme!


Okay, in fear we may have angered you from that previous sentence just sit back and chill for a second. Don’t be scared of change, Doctor Who for one certainly isn’t – if a character that’s changed between 12 different actors doesn’t annoy you, then why should 1 overused screwdriver?

Saying that, we did have a good chuckle at some of your angry reactive tweets, but putting all animosity aside we do think you should give the sunglasses a chance and to hear us out for a second – what’s wrong with Doctor Who’s sonic sunglasses?


You probably think we’re a bit biased but it is a fact that sunglasses have always been cool. Always. And if you’ve failed to recognise the pair the Doctor puts on then you must have been living under a rock for decades, centuries even.

What other model of sunglasses would the Doctor go for other than the timeless Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer?


Who doesn’t like the wayfarer?  One of the most popular worn sunglass designs of all time that is universal in suiting a number, if not all, face shapes, it still has that ‘cool’ vibe going on, made all the more kooky when worn by someone like Doctor Who.

You may not be able to point it at stuff, or light it up, but the sunglasses could be used in a number of altercations and won’t attract any unwanted attention about what they’re exactly doing there to begin with – unlike an out of the ordinary noisy screwdriver, no?  (Okay maybe we’re not making the strongest point…)

What about this, Doctor Who has always, no matter what actor, had that almost rock star persona, a cool scientist with a penchant for fun.  His overly-confident, charming and usually wears a leather jacket of sorts (with the exception of Matt Smith maybe, maybe a few others, hmm…) but we see the sunglasses as just another extension of this wild character and one that is not afraid to mix things up a bit, every now and then.

It especially makes things easier for any fans to dress up as him!  Making an all singing all dancing screwdriver is all a bit too much effort anyway, right?  Let us know what you think, whether we’ve ruffled your feathers further or we’ve brought you around to our way of thinking!  Comment section is below, don’t be shy.

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