Josh Brolin Wears Revo Sunglasses in Everest!


If you’re going to be scaling the tremendous heights on Everest then you need to be prepared.  Okay, so Josh Brolin didn’t actually climb it, but he looked like he was ready for it!

Climbing Mount Everest is no easy feat – as if we have to tell you that – but with temperatures dropping to -40°C and oxygen levels down by 60%, it is one of the harshest environments you could ever dare to venture in.


Out of all the essential equipment you’d be surprised to hear you really need to take sunglasses. Yes, sunglasses – don’t laugh. We know that Everest is no sunny beach in the Caribbean, but UV light bounces off snow, ice and water – doubling your chances of UV damage and Everest has a lot of snow, ice and water.

So if you’re going to take on Everest you’re not going to want to settle for your typical budget sunglasses, nope and Josh Brolin didn’t.  In fact he opted for a brand that uses lens technology that was originally developed by NASA to give solar protection to their satellites – now that’s protection.

revo-harness-sunglasses-worn-by-Josh-Brolin-in-EverestThe brand I’m talking about is of course Revo, who specialise in the best and most protective lenses as we’ve already mentioned.  In the movie, Josh Brolin is seen to be wearing the above Revo Harness model, with Blue Water lenses.

Blue Water lenses are one of the lens options you can pick from Revo; they are optimised to cut out glare in the brightest conditions, such as very snowy mountains, perfect for Brolin and his crew.

Other lenses, like Green Water, Open Road and Graphite are optimised for other environments, but all frames are ready for active and sports use, boasting stylish designs for everyday wear too – like the rest of us who are not climbing Everest are used to!

So good choice, Josh.  They look pretty cool too.