New Prada Autumn/Winter 2015 Eyewear


It may be an odd time of the year to start promoting a new sunglasses range, but the powers that be at Prada simply don’t give a damn:


On a weird, but very chic, sort of conveyor belt the models don eyewear from the new collection, made up from oversized round or heptagonal shaped frames.

What’s interesting is not all models have your standard dark lenses in each frame, in fact you can spot a few with either light grey, purple gradient or even pink lenses.  It all feels very 70’s, which of course feels very now.

Combined with the jumper/collar combo it looks like the 70’s trend will be in full swing this Autumn/Winter, extending far beyond eyewear.


Much of the frames also have their arm joining the middle of the frame, which is typical of most 70’s vintage design glasses.  This allows the lens to have more height, creating a ‘bug-eyed’ sort of appearance.

This was a look originally pioneered in the 60’s, but it was the 70’s that took it further with star, heart and heptagon shaped lenses – think Elton John circa Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, add some flares and you’ll be dancing along to Boney M.


Prada PR 16RS, from previous collection

Taking a look back at Prada’s previous collection we can see its natural progression towards the 70’s aesthetic, especially with the above hexagon-like lenses and the mix of textures.

Prada have been round since 1913, so they must know a thing or two when it comes to the ever-changing trends of fashion, in fact they were even around during the actual 70’s!  They must have had a dig back a few years in their archives to relive the decade again.

The new collection is yet to reach our shelves, but the teaser like ad campaigns have got us pretty excited – be sure to keep updated with us through Facebook or Twitter to find out when we finally get our hands on them.

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