When Did Glasses Become So Sexy?


Remember Dorothy Parker’s famous quote: “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses”? Well, those words are now the relics of a distant past. Or, why would we find men lusting after the sexy librarian, afterall? It’s certainly the charm of those bold, black-rimmed glasses that sets the male hearts on fire.

In fact, the bespectacled look is currently the most visible trend on the fashion radars. With celebs, both men and women, embracing the four-eyed look, glasses have found a place in fashion mags, runway shows, movies, and all things glamorous. They are officially in-vogue.


But how did glasses find their way to the fashion ally?

While sunglasses were always associated with glamour, Hollywood, and fashion, their prescription cousins were linked with the socially awkward, the quirky and the boring.

Geeky glasses started getting noticed in a positive way in the 1950’s when rock-n-roll star Buddy Holly appeared on-stage wearing glasses. This was the first time ever a young performer had performed in glasses and it soon became a signature look for the performer, thus making prescription glasses leave their first big impression on pop culture.

Inspired by Holly, stars like John Lennon, Elvis Costello and Elton John started making on-stage appearances with their specs on – bringing in a world of different glasses style, such as round, square, wayfarer and even heart-shaped!

And like everything in fashion goes full-circle, glasses made a comeback too. But this time it was NBA stars like Russell Westbrook, Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade who refreshed the trend by wearing their glasses to post-game press conferences.

Russell Westbrook wearing Glasses

Russell Westbrook, NBA Player and Glasses Wearer

From here on, it’s a pretty known story. We’ve been seeing the ‘nerdy’ glasses literally everywhere in the world of fashion and the movie industry.  Glasses have really came into their own since an increasing number of celebs have been spotted in their glasses and so the ‘nerdy’ look grew a cult following.

Want to flaunt your nerdy side in a stylish pair? Take a look at these classic black-n-broad rimmed glasses that scream “sexy”.

Savannah 2444 Black


The Savannah 2444 proves they are here to stay and are already popular with a number of customers, like Alyssa Winegarden, who couldn’t resist taking a selfie in them below:


But what makes glasses so, well, sexy?

Is it because they add a layer of mystery?  Or highlight intelligence?  Let us know your thoughts on why you find glasses so irrestibly attractive in the comments section below!

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