5 Sunglasses Looks of Kate Middleton

The stylish Duchess of Cambridge isn’t a celeb who hides behind her shades all of the time (we’re looking at you Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour), but when she does; they get noticed and in a good way.

We’ve already looked at the unforgettable sunglasses of Princess Diana and it got us thinking about other royals and their eyewear.  Although Kate’s choice of sunglasses tend to be on the safer side and aren’t particularly “adventurous” with any over-the-top-detailing, we can’t help but admire the Duchess’ sensibility and effortless composure.

Let’s walk you through some of Kate’s most popular sunglass styles:

Here’s the Duchess of Cambridge relaxing in the sun at Wimbledon, where sunglasses are particularly important to avoid squinting to see the court all day!  Our Kate keeps things cool with a pair of Ray Ban’s RB2132 New Wayfarer’s:

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

Watching the tennis again but this time at the Olympics, Kate went for a more feminine frame with a touch of silver at the top of the arms.  Although we’re unable to tell the make and model, our Novus 2202 in our budget range look quite similar:

Novus 2202 Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

Looking just as classy in a laid back red and white polka dot dress, her understated havana are remarkably like Dior’s Granville sunglasses:

Dior DIORGRANVILLE Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

When the future Princess-to-be went on a royal skiing holiday she kept things cool, calm and classy with a pair of modest shielded sunglasses.  Luxurious brand Bvlgari’s BV6074B’s would be a perfect finishing touch:

Bvlgari BV6074B Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

At the height of the Wimbledon final sisters Kate and Pippa Middleton must have swapped sunglasses, as Kate can be seen here wearing Givenchy’s SGV773, which Pippa was previously wearing that day.  The reason for the swap will forever be unknown but the choice of sunnies; unquestionable.

Givenchy SGV773 Sunglasses at SelectSpecs


What’s your favourite look from Kate in sunnies?

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