Top 5 Ways To Wear Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden framed sunglasses are a great alternative to plastic or metal frame sunglasses for many reasons. Not only do they add to your closet, but they also are unique (each grain print is individual, so this is not just an exaggeration).

Arbor is a great brand to try out as your first pair of wooden sunglasses.

They are stylish, and have a wide selection of styles and colours.

Arbor FX 20

Brown Wide Brimmed Wool Floppy Hat, Hollister Madden Girl BAILEE Lace-Up Sandal, Lippen Lip Color von Bobbi Brown, Etro Belt, Michael Kors Leather Wallet

Try on this pair of Arbor FX-20 – Bamboo frame & Case sunglasses for a great design, and great tone.

The best thing about wooden frames is that they are durable; a perfect balance between form and function.

Try out matching this pair of sunglasses with some brown accessories, for example a floppy hat, a belt, and sandals.

A deep red lipstick would look great in combination with the brown hat and Arbor sunglasses.

If this is too much brown for you, don’t be afraid to go for another colour base.

The great thing about brown sunglasses is that they can act as a statement on their own (and they would match with mostly anything).

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Arbor FX 72

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These dark coloured Arbor FX-72 – Bamboo frame & Case sunglasses would work really well with a high-waisted skirt, a tucked-in shirt and, of course, a pair of heels.

The great thing about these is that they can be used with so many different outfits.

The neutral colour also can make them the perfect pair of sunglasses for both casual and formal occasions.

The dual toned (cream and black) aspect of this pair is a great starting starting point if you are looking for colour-theme inspiration for an outfit.

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Arbor FX 122

This pair of Arbor FX-122 – Bamboo frame & Case sunglasses are similar to the Arbor FX 20, however with a darker lense, and black frame.

This pair is more subtle on the wood look.

One would have to look closer to see the grain and texture.

This is a great pair if you prefer a black pair of sunglasses.

The frames are not too heavy, making for a great balanced pair of sunglasses.

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Arbor FX 19

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This pair of light-toned Arbor FX-19 – Bamboo frame & Case sunglasses are great for something a little less heavy in colour.

It can work really well with pastel colours, perfect a summer dress with a sling bag and a pair of light brown shoes.

The shape of this pair is less angular, giving your face a bit more of a softer look.

The light frames make this a lighter pair of sunglasses to go for, if that is your preference.

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Arbor FX 105

This pair of Arbor FX-105 – Bamboo frame & Case sunglasses are great if you are looking for a different frame design.

A bit more bold, and has a larger coverage.

With the darker stain, you can work with a navy outfit and some gold accessories.

They would go perfect with the tone of this pair of sunglasses!

Though the frame is not too thick, the double bridge does make this a heavier pair of sunglasses, but that is perfectly okay as well.

Wooden sunglasses are a great option to go for if you are looking for something unique, eco-friendly and durable.

What is not to like about that?

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