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The World's Cheapest Glasses

Try our cheap prescription glasses including standard lenses & coatings from only $10.00.

Upgrade to our 1.56 thin & light lenses for an extra $5.37!

Cheap Glasses Offer Details

Offer applies to Single Vision glasses only with the following prescription ranges:
Sphere (SPH): +6.00 to -6.00   Cylindrical (CYL): +2.00 to -2.00

For other prescription ranges or if you would like a tint, these frames can be found in our Economy Collection.

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The Cheapest Glasses in the World - Details & Popular Questions

Whether you're looking for some cheap prescription glasses to replace your old pair, something high end and fashionable, or just something to complete your chic outfit, look no further. We have something for everyone at prices so low you won't believe your eyes!

Our Cheap Glasses Collection
We offer an exclusive range of Single Vision prescription glasses for just $10.00 for Full Rimmed, $15.00 for Semi-Rimless and for Rimless frames. We firmly believe in not hiding any hidden costs for highly recommended 'optional extras' so each pair in our cheap glasses range includes a FREE scratch resistant coating, full UV protection and anti-reflection treatment! We strongly believe you will be hard pushed to find a better value pair of glasses complete with UV, Anti-Reflection and Scratch Resistant coatings anywhere else.

Looking for something more exclusive?
We also sell an excellent range of designer glasses from high-end brands such as Prada, Gucci and Ray-Ban, all available at affordable prices. If you have a favourite brand, you can specify your search so that you only see glasses that are made by them. To see the full list, have a look at our brands page.

Looking for a particular style or material?
We stock numerous shapes and styles, including the classic and highly popular wayfarer style frames. We also have aviators, round and oval frames, cat eyes, horn rimmed glasses and square glasses. There is something to suit everyone’s face shape. You could shop for you, your loved one, your kids, your grandparents, your mum, dad, anyone! All you need to do is give us the prescription details and we’ll sort the rest. We can even replace old lenses. If you’re interested in replacing your old lenses, visit our reglazing services page.

We have a wide variety of materials to shop by, including metal, plastic, titanium, bamboo & wood. We have flexible materials, sturdy ones; the lot. So whatever your preference you can find the perfect pair of cheap glasses.

With so many specifications to shop by, you can find the ideal glasses for you in no time.

Q. Shipping Costs & Delivery Information

A. Shipping Costs
We try to keep our shipping costs as low and as competitive as possible. Our delivery charges to anywhere around the world start from just $7.98 but this can vary according to the number and type of products you are ordering.

Delivery Information
Please allow between 7 to 28 business days from date of order for delivery of your glasses. However, due to extreme demand further delays for these Super Saver Cheap Glasses are possible during busy periods. Orders are shipped from the UK and usually take less than 5 business days to arrive from date of shipping notice.

If you do not receive your glasses within this time period we ask that you wait 25 days from date of shipping before contacting us as the vast majority of items will arrive within this time period.

Current Anticipated Delivery Timescale: Approximately 7-10 business days (from date of order)

(Correct as of October 2014)

Q. How are these Glasses so Cheap?

A. We at are well aware of the current economic climate and understand the importance of saving money wherever possible so we feel it is our duty to run this incredible 'recession busting' promotion to help our customers save money! The frames and lenses in this offer have been very carefully and specially sourced combined with bulk-buying to keep the prices down. Each pair of these prescription glasses will still be tailor-made to suit your prescription.

The glasses in this offer are just the same as anything else we sell or what you might buy from a high street optician; the only difference is the price you pay!

With an offer like this, our mark-up is basically zero, unlike the average optician/optometrist shop.

Q. Why aren't all your Prescription Glasses this Cheap?

A. We stock a large range of cheap glasses and designer prescription glasses and everything has its price. We always attempt to sell our products at the lowest possible price to our customers. The frames and lenses in this offer have been specially sourced to keep the prices down.

Q. How can you make Money Selling Glasses at such Low Prices?

A. For us, it's not really about making money. It's about giving something back to our customers, both new and old. It's our way of saying thank you for buying from us, especially during these difficult economic times. Without our customers, we wouldn't be here today.

Q. What is the Quality like for Glasses this Cheap?

A. We have sourced frames and lenses for this offer not only based on price but also quality. We are really pleased that the quality of the frames and lenses in this offer are as good as anything else on our site or what you might buy from a high street optician, particularly at the budget end of the market.

Q. Do the Lenses have any Special Coatings?

A. Yes. This offer even includes the following lens coatings and treatments: -

» UV Protection
» Anti-Reflection Coating
» Scratch-Resistant Coating

Q. Can I have Bifocal/Varifocal/Progressive lenses Fitted in this Offer?

A. No. This offer only applies to Single Vision lenses. If you require other types of lenses, these frames are also available here at what we feel is still a very reasonable price.

Q. Why is this Offer not Available for my Prescription?

A. We can offer Sphere (SPH) powers from -6.00 to +6.00 and Cylindrical (CYL) powers from -2.00 to +2.00 so this covers most people, unfortunately if your prescription does not fall within this range your lenses will need to be made to order however you can still order these great frames here with all our lens types available to you.

Q. Can I have a Sunglasses Tint on the Lenses with this Offer?

A. No, not as part of this offer. If you would like to choose Thin and Light Lenses or have a tint applied to the lenses with these frames, they are also available here at what we feel is still a very reasonable price.

Q. Can I Upgrade the Lenses in these Frames?

A. Yes, but not as part of this offer. If you would like to upgrade the lenses in these frames to Thinner and Lighter Lenses, Varifocals, Bifocals or Tints, they are also available here at what we feel is still a very reasonable price.

Q. Is this a Temporary Offer or will you Continue to Sell Glasses at this Price in Future?

A. Currently we only have a limited number of prescription glasses available at this price, but we hope to be able to repeat this offer again in the future.

Q. How much Stock do you have?

A. With an offer like this we can't promise that we will have enough stock for everybody, so you'll have to be quick to snap these up.

Q. Are these Cheap Glasses going to be Limited to one per Customer?

A. No. Customers can buy as many of our Super Saver Cheap Glasses as they want to but shipping will be adjusted according to how many items you have in your shopping basket.