Wearable Tech Rio Olympics Keoni Cabral

All the Latest Wearable Tech from the Rio 2016 Olympics

It  doesn’t seem so long ago that the possibility of wearable technology was rooted firmly in the future. After last year saw the quick withdrawal of the Google Glass from the public market, it seemed we weren’t quite ready for cybernetic eyewear, however 2016’s Olympians are showing us that maybe we are ready to take the plunge.

Propeaq LED Glasses

There’s been a lot of publicity around Propeaq glasses in Rio, the company are working in collaboration with many Olympic teams to ensure athletes are feeling on top form for the games.

Targeted at frequent flyers and sufferers of jet lag, the glasses work by...   read more

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The Hills are Alive – with MTB’ers! Sunglasses for Mountain Biking/Cycling

Mountain Biking is a fantastic sport for both the weekend warrior or the seasoned pro’s amongst us, whether you’re riding on a quaint English countryside single-track or blasting down the side of a mountain in the French Alps at over 60mph, Mountain Biking is guaranteed to get your heart pounding and the adrenalin flowing! Now that you’ve invested £100’s or £1000’s of pounds on your weapon of choice (bike), helmet and clothing, you seriously need to consider buying an appropriate pair of sunglasses to not only protect your eyes from UV damage...   read more

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