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How to Choose the Best High Impact Lenses for You

Whether you’re buying glasses for the kids that will need to withstand some knocks on the playground, glasses for playing sports where they might take a bump, or glasses that just need to stand up to tougher than normal treatment, high impact lenses might be a good idea.

This article will explain the benefits and drawbacks of different lens types to bear in mind when making your next purchase.

CR39 Plastic Lenses

Currently CR39 is the plastic most commonly used in lenses, its name is an abbreviation of Columbia Resin 39. This particular plastic was the 39th formulation of a thermal-cured material developed...   read more

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5 Unbelievable Vision Hacks that You Just Have to Try!

Here are 5 life hacks that you just have to try to help improve your vision on the spot. Some of these vision hacks are more handy than others but nonetheless, they’re pretty mind-blowing and you just have to try it to believe it!

Give them a go and make sure you share this around your office. Julie from finance who always loses her glasses will really appreciate these clever tips…

1. Look Through Your Hand

Can’t see? Forgot your specs? Not to worry. If you can’t find your glasses (and you’ve double checked your head), just use your hand as a lens. The small hole through your hands will act...   read more

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Practical iPhone and iPad Features for Overcoming Poor Vision

Practical iPhone and iPad Features for Overcoming Poor Vision

When spending time out and about, it can be difficult not to spot people wielding iPhones and iPads – whether they are using them to simply check train times at the railway station, get some work done at a cafe, play a quick game, or something else entirely. Furthermore, thanks to a range of accessibility features, poor eyesight doesn’t have to be a barrier to using these devices.

Larger Dynamic Type

If you often struggle to make out the small text on an iPhone, it can be too easy to simply blame the size of the device itself. However, illegible text doesn’t have to be a necessary evil! That’s...   read more

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Best Prescription Glasses for Night Driving

Even professional drivers have difficulties with night-time driving.  Without the direct UV light from the sun, our eyes adapt to the artificial lowlight after sundown.

When artificial light sources – like vehicle headlights and overhead street lamps – hit our eyes, the impact is similar to the glare we experience before sunset.  Things illuminating this artificial light often have a halo, which is actually what the eyes see as a circle of fuzzy light. Weak artificial lights, and the fact that we can’t see beyond these light sources when it’s dark, compound the dangers of driving...   read more

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hacks to stop glasses slipping

5 Amazing Hacks to Stop Your Glasses from Slipping Down

From one glasses wearer to another, there really is nothing worse than your glasses slipping down your face when your working on a computer, reading a book, walking the dog or driving – right?

There’s nothing more irritating than having to press your index finger against the bridge of your specs every 30 seconds when you’d much rather concentrate on the task at hand – right? As a woman (sorry men), we know how to multi-task and there’s no disputing that we rock at it. But that doesn’t mean that we enjoy it. Multi-tasking is fine if it’s a necessity...   read more

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improve computer work space for eyes

5 Steps to Improve Your Computer Work Space (for Better Eye Health)

Computer related eye strain is a growing problem amongst our generation. With more and more people working with digital technology everyday, it’s important that we consider the best ways to improve our workspace and work desk area. Whether you’re regularly using desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones, using these types of screens for intense periods of time can cause eye fatigue and eye strain. The symptoms of eye fatigue and eye strain include tired and sore eyes, pain and discomfort, dry eyes, watery eyes, and itching sensation or even burning. To reduce the risk of...   read more

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how to treat blephatiris

5 Ways to Treat, Soothe and Manage Blepharitis

Blepharitis is a common condition, one which occurs with 1 in every 20 patients who complain of eye related problems at NHS GPs. This condition causes the eyelids or the corner of the eyes to become red, sore, itchy and inflamed and it can cause eyelids to stick together. Signs of Blepharitis are swelling around the eyelid area, crusty residue around the corners of the eye or on the eyelashes, and difficulty opening your eyes when you wake up. It is recommended that you visit your doctor or see an eye specialist if you are unable to manage these symptoms yourself or if you are suffering from...   read more

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