A digital hearing aid enables the programmer to adjust the levels in a way that suits the user – the aid is tailored to the user’s specific hearing loss requirements. 

This can be adjusted time and time again and extra programmes can be added which are then also adjusted in such a way to help the user in particular environments e.g. noisy background situations.  The idea is to ‘re-balance’ a person’s hearing to normal levels and to enhance the lost hearing frequencies that accompany hearing loss.

The majority of us will lose the high frequencies in our hearing as we get older – this is basically the area of our hearing that’s responsible for clarity in speech; without this, things sound muffled and are hardly understandable. 

We can programme a digital hearing aid to target these weak areas but not at the detriment of areas that are working well – ideally, we want the natural hearing to continue doing its job. This means that when the user increases their hearing aid volume, everything will increase in a relative way and in a way that’s suitable for their specific hearing needs. 

A digital hearing aid has a built-in sound equaliser (like you would have with an old stereo) and this allows the audiologist to make fine adjustments to the aid itself. If you are a music lover, many high-end headphones will not do this, but instead they amplify based on a person having balanced and normal hearing thresholds.  

Today, many digital hearing aids offer wireless streaming and allow the user to connect their tailored hearing aids to their own music devices, which creates a balanced sound experience that matches their own hearing thresholds. In other words, the hearing aid would amplify the bass and/ or treble to the correct areas of your specific hearing requirements thus allowing a more natural listening experience when listening to music, for anyone with hearing loss. 

Our new Active hearing aid offers seamless music streaming as well as aid hearing amplification to hear friends and family easier. The clever and compact design is made to look like your average headphone instead of a traditional hearing aid. 

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By james