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10 Reasons Why Sunglasses Make the Perfect Christmas Present for Your Girlfriend

A pair of sunglasses may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re shopping online for Christmas presents. But believe it or not, a pair of designer sunnies can be one of the most exciting gifts to open on Christmas morning. Here are 10 reasons why sunglasses make the perfect pressie for your wife or girlfriend…

1. Winter eye protection is important

Eye protection in winter is too often overlooked. But you don’t need a beach lined with palm trees to put you at risk from UV damage. Sunglasses should be worn all year round if it’s bright outside, especially if you and your girlfriend are particularly active and...   read more

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Colour Psychology in Fashion: What Does the Colour of Your Glasses Say About You?

The clothes we wear and the accessories that we choose to adorn ourselves with are much more than aesthetics. As someone who has worked in the fashion industry for a long time, I believe that fashion isn’t frivolous. It’s a part of who we are. It’s art. It’s life. And it’s self-expression.

When Mary Quant invented the mini skirt in the 1960s, she told the world that she wanted to create a fun style that allowed women to “run for the bus”. She changed lives with one single statement, liberating women everywhere. Since then, women have felt more open to use their clothing...   read more

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Emma Reviews SelectSpecs Glasses

Under Review: More Antares and Infinity Frames (Video)

Clearly one video is not enough to try and express how many frames are on offer at – and so I’ve been sent more frames for me to try on and criticise! Well, criticise I tried, but it proved quite hard (again) to nit pick any of these frames that are all under £70. What a bargain!  I did however, review the frames and I have provided a very frank and sincere appraisal….see what you think 🙂  

Antares LH109

This Antares pair were first in the video line-up this time and are another steal for...   read more

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Halloween Costumes for Glasses Wearers

We are celebrating the ghoulish, ghostly and spooky time of year – Halloween. How about getting some new glasses for the upcoming season? Just because the sun isn’t tanning your pale limbs, doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. In fact, low lying sun can be one of the brightest kinds, and you’ll still need some on trend shades to make sure you look good driving! It’s important to remember that UV rays are present every day and you need to be safe in the sun all year round including the cooler months.

Motherly nag out of the way, the burning question on everyone’s lips right now:...   read more

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face shapes and glasses

Choosing The Right Frames For Your Face Shape

The wide variety of different styles and shaped glasses make choosing the right pair no easy task. As well as supporting your vision with quality lenses, your glasses should fit effortlessly with your personal style and reflect your personality.

The first step starts with determining your face shape. Is it round, oval, oblong, triangular, square, heart or diamond shaped? If the answer isn’t immediately obvious, ask for a second opinion from a friend or family member or take a selfie of yourself facing directly into the camera to get a better idea.

With that in mind here are a few tips for choosing...   read more

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Frames to buy when you’ve won the Lottery

Glasses might not be the first thing on top of your list if you won the lottery, perhaps it’s a country mansion, a Ferrari or even your own island somewhere in the Caribbean you’ll have your sights on? But come on, if you just won the jackpot why stop there?  Especially when it’s free to dream and for that reason we’ve rounded up a selection of our most expensive brands available through us for those of you who enjoy dipping into a few of those ‘if money were no object’ fantasies.


Nothing speaks filthy rich like a brand name you’re not even sure how...   read more

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Top 3 Budget Frames for Fashion

Glasses can be expensive, with high end designer frames going from around £100 upwards but they can be a great investment if you heavily rely on glasses. However, for those of you as clumsy or as fussy as I am, then budget frames can be the way forward because cheaper frames can easily be replaced which is a huge bonus. I am also an avid fashion lover so my style changes and evolves constantly. I would therefore love to have the option to own a frame for every outfit and buying numerous budget frames allows me to achieve that.

Here is my pick of the top 3 most fashion forward frames that also...   read more

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