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10 Reasons Why Sunglasses Make the Perfect Christmas Present for Your Girlfriend

A pair of sunglasses may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re shopping online for Christmas presents. But believe it or not, a pair of designer sunnies can be one of the most exciting gifts to open on Christmas morning. Here are 10 reasons why sunglasses make the perfect pressie for your wife or girlfriend…

1. Winter eye protection is important

Eye protection in winter is too often overlooked. But you don’t need a beach lined with palm trees to put you at risk from UV damage. Sunglasses should be worn all year round if it’s bright outside, especially if you and your girlfriend are particularly active and spend a lot of time outdoors.


2. Sunglasses are perfect for ski trips and winter holidays

Glare from ice and snow can not only cause dry eyes, but they can reflect harmful UV rays to cause irreversible damage to your eyes. So if you’ve got a winter break or skiing trip planned with your loved one, make sure there’s a pair of sunnies under the tree this year.

3. Sunglasses are an affordable luxury

Designer sunglasses is one of the most affordable accessories you can buy your partner. If you’re feeling a tug on the purse strings this Christmas, skip the annual handbag or pair of Jimmy Choos and opt for a luxury pair of sunglasses instead. You might even be able to scoop a designer bargain for under £100!  (Word of advice: keep a look out for Black Friday deals!)

4. You can choose her favourite designer

Not only are designer specs an affordable luxury that most budgets can attain, but they’re a great way to treat your girlfriend to something that she truly desires. If you know her favourite fashion designers, this is the perfect way of treating her.


5. Show her you know their style/taste

Sunglasses aren’t always easy to choose; they can even be a complete mind boggle for those shopping for themselves. There are a lot of things to consider when buying sunglasses for someone else including style, trends, designer, size and face shape. But this is an opportunity to show someone just how well you know them.

6. A gift that can be used all-year round

Some presents have a shelf life; it’s sad but true. But sunglasses don’t go out of date. In fact, most frames are designed with a timeless nature so they can be worn year after year. And if your girlfriend takes care of her eye health like we do here at SelectSpecs, she’ll be able to use them all-year round.

7. They’ll never go out of style

If you know anything about fashion (or your movie history), you’ll know that the oversized sunglasses worn by Audrey Hepburn in the late 50s / early 60s are still relevant today. Well-designed specs never go out of style so this is a gift that can be appreciated for many years to come.

8. Sunglasses are a great alternative to jewellery

The problem with jewellery (especially fine jewellery) is that it’s very personal to each individual. And sometimes, even the closest of friends/partners don’t get it right. Unless your other half points out the exact piece of jewellery she wants, it can be a complete mind boggle to choose. But sunglasses tend to have some very distinct styles that you can work with (eg: oversized, full round, aviator style or cat eye), so once you establish that style, you can’t go wrong.

9. It’s a great gift for fashionistas

Fashion conscious girls will never tire of adding more accessories to their existing collections; it’s in their DNA. But buying clothes for someone else can be a bit of a minefield. Sunglasses are a much easier option and she will really appreciate you taking an interest in her hobby/work/passion.

10. There’s a price tag to suit every budget

Don’t worry if you’re not having the best financial year. Luxury sunglasses come with a range of price tags and at SelectSpecs, we have frames starting from as low as £6! You can filter by style, brand or budget so there will always be something you can afford. Shop online now for the perfect pair of designer sunglasses.

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