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Under Review: More Antares and Infinity Frames (Video)

Clearly one video is not enough to try and express how many frames are on offer at www.selectspecs.com – and so I’ve been sent more frames for me to try on and criticise! Well, criticise I tried, but it proved quite hard (again) to nit pick any of these frames that are all under £70. What a bargain!  I did however, review the frames and I have provided a very frank and sincere appraisal….see what you think 🙂  

Antares LH109

This Antares pair were first in the video line-up this time and are another steal for just £29.50.  As you can see in the video there is a slight hint of a cat-eye in the Tort frame, which looks particularly delectable in the black pair (pictured above) that are also available.

Antares LH109

I reviewed a round frame (by Infinity) in my last video and here’s the version Antares have cooked up (at an even cheaper price of £29.50 – click here to see.)  The lenses to this frame seem closer together than the last pair and so much better suited to smaller faces (like mine!)  Also coming in the colour ‘Tort’ as I’m wearing here, you can see the difference from the dramatic black frame to the more textured feel.  It’s all just a matter of preference.

Antares 2087

Hands down and my absolute favourite from this batch – horn rimmed frames are huge right now! It’s not often you get a distintive frame of glasses which looks good on both men and women, from Beyoncé to ‘Mr Grey’ Jamie Dornan, everyone is wearing them. I actually double checked the price on these before filming too – £29.50 for some vintage class. They will survive well into the next two, three, maybe even four season’s.

Antares 8973

As mentioned (or demanded) in the video: do not be afraid of colour! The blue pair I wear in the video (and the gorgeous purple pair picture above) would both look great on rich brunettes in my opinion (hey, certain colours are better pulled off by different hair colours!) Checking in at £65 they may be a jump up from the previous frames in price, but they are still incredibly reasonable in price.  They also felt instantly comfortable when I put them on and you can’t put a price on that.

Infinity 9923

This particular frame did star in my last video, but in the Blue and White colour and I’m glad to have had the chance to show this attractive cherry Red too. Like I stated in my previous frame review – some colours really do work well with different skin types and hair colour and red – looks the bomb on blondes, no contest! Maybe I’m not the best example, my roots are in need of reviving…ahem. Anyway, for £35 you can let us know who wears it better.

Antares 8604

The last pair are really unique for the mix of block colour and ‘wooden’ effect, you might have missed them if you browsed through the website not paying much attention – which is why it was so important for me to show them off to you! Combined with the square frame they feel quite masculine, so would suit a lot of fellers out there, but that’s not to say an indie girl could not make these her own either. They also come in an all black, or brown with black arms frame too – check them out here (£65).

Glasses were supplied by SelectSpecs.com for review, but all opinions are 100% my own. Let me know which ones are your favourite in the comments section below!

Emma (selectSpecs)

Emma is a graduate in Journalism and has a keen passion for Beauty and Films which makes for an unusual mix. Her commitment to these areas is second to none!

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