Snapchat At It Again With launch of Bizarre Vending Machine

One of the hottest products gaining as much momentum as a runaway freight train is Snapchat’s sunglasses. This video capturing eyewear has taken the social media world by storm.

Continuously hitting the headlines, Snapglasses has gone one step further in the run up to the holiday season. As if taking videos on the move was not enough for the Twitterati. It appears that Snapchat intends to outdo others with the mysterious installation of yellow vending machines.

These luminous and imposing machines don’t dispense drinks or even snacks. Au contraire mon ami, the bright vending products distribute sunnies.

So what is all the fuss about? Snapchat’s own spectacles have really been causing a stir after their recent launch. This specific wearable device is not revolutionary in uploading clips to their app. However, what is eye popping is how they are causing a wave via their selling methods.

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Hype is the name of the game as this Minions like vending machine has been making an unexpected landing in numerous destinations. This all singing all smiling machine popped up in the last few weeks on Venice Beach, California.

Coincidentally, this was within touching distance of Snapchat’s own headquarters. Funny that. Yet, these funky glasses seems to have made the company move stance. This is largely in part down to the fact that they have renamed the company Snap Inc. In fact, Google Capital has become a major investor in the social media app.

With their focus moving towards technology, Snapglasses or Spectacles (or whatever you want to call them) have finally been unveiled. Currently on sale for around £100, they are as hard to find as a needle in a very large haystack.

In this case, the catch is you will need to track down these futuristic vending machines in order to land a pair. Known as Snapbots, the custard yellow appearance is definitely eye catching.

But blink and you may well just miss it as they will only be popping up for a limited time. Fear not as Snapchat have introduced a dedicated map to help customers locate the whereabouts of upcoming vending machines.

At this stage, no one knows the amount of vending installations but interest is almost at fever pitch.  A few hardcore Snapchatters made the journey to California and literally snapped up the specs. No sooner had they been bought that many decided to repost them on sites such as eBay.  The price? In excess of £750.. Yikes!

This sought after pair of sunglasses can record up to 10 second clips dubbed as “snaps”. Young millennials have flooded social media in a bid to snaffle up a pair but so far they have been impossible to track down.

Not only are these high tech shades impossible to find but you can only purchase a maximum of two pairs. With the so called Snapbots kept as close a secret as Donald Trump’s Secretary of State, many are looking for that elusive buy.

So how do you grab this spectacular booty? Well hope is not lost just yet. If at first you don’t succeed try, try and that’s right try again. Isn’t that what they say?

If you are just one step behind the Snapbot, there might still be a solution. Head over to the Big Apple and you may be able to find the prized glasses. The in demand designer specs can be found inside a retail store in New York City. But you’ll need to have the patience of two saints.

It turns out that there is a little bit of a wait at the “Bot House” for Spectacles. You will have to wait in line and cross all your fingers and toes. Even that might not be enough as proved by news channel CNBC who waited nearly 19 hours straight to review the product.

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Shown above: The SnapSpectacles in action by one user

Although Snapchat’s Spectacles are selling like well oiled hotcakes they need to be wary of what went previously. We are of course talking about the despairing initiative that was known as Google Glass. Smart glass technology was brought to the fore thanks to the Google boys. Nevertheless, they were highly unsuccessful for a number of different reasons.

In the first instance, the contraption that was introduced was extremely ungainly. Due to the unsightliness not to mention the cost of these smart glasses, it never came to market. As a result, Google Glass was banished to the glasses annals.

If you are tired of waiting for the next Snapbot your best bet is to go online. By taking a punt, you could actually land the prize. Very few and far between seem to exist but with a little research you might find some specs left on Ebay as well as Amazon.

In addition to this, you may have to lay out quite a bit to bag yourself a pair. At present, they are so hot that Spectacles are fetching upwards of a staggering £3,000 a pair.

Heck, we have also seen a few groups on social media who had a canny idea of hiring out Spectacles. This means you can have the chance to experience a short term high by using the glasses for a short period. If you would like to be snapped out and about, Snap fanatics are willing to shell out a fortune for the glasses.

Snap Inc intends to list on the stock market in early 2017. This will really test this new phenomenon to the max but we doth our tech hat to the creators.

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  1. Snapchat goofed up big-time with the launch of its latest selfie lens, which added facial features similar to those of racist Asian caricatures to users’ faces.

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