It is time to look through the looking glass that little bit further. Do you know your bifocals from your varifocals? Not focused at all on achieving the right look? Well, fret not dear friends as help is at hand.

When it comes to selecting the correct of pair glasses there are numerous aspects to take into consideration. Yes, it may very well be a spectacle minefield out there but you don’t have to get misty eyed over anything.

From the get go, investing in a pair of glasses has to suit your specific requirements. Don’t fall foul of buying a cheap pair online that says “Dolce and Bananas” just because you want to make a fashion statement. Wearing a set of glasses is a unique extension of yourself to a certain degree. However, it could also lead to severe eye damage so ensure that you select a product which adheres to all the British standards and guidelines.

As soon as you have prescription in hand, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty. Budget has to be one of the top priorities when looking for a shiny new pair. You may not have the bank balance (or hair) of Donald Trump but glasses can range wildly in price.

We may be tightening our fiscal belts as we ride out the economic crisis but it is essential not to overspend. In this case, metaphorically speaking, just stick to what you can afford.

But what are the other rules to follow when finding glasses? Check out below some of the rules to follow when looking to buy online.

6.  Frame Size


Call it You’ve Been Framed minus Jeremy Beadle, but you don’t want to be caught out when investing in a pair of glasses. By carefully choosing the right frame size, you will be well on your way to spectacle heaven. It will give you extra confidence, whilst making a genuine statement. In order to consider which frame you may require, there are three components to consider. This features not only the temple size but bridge and finally eye size all measured in millimetres.  Measure your old glasses and use this as a guide!

5.  Design


Whether it’s achieving that Mad Men look or the ultimate hipster regard, you need to pull it off in style. Design has an integral role to play in choosing the right glasses online. This can be across a number of different areas such as material and even the colour of the frame. Why not style it out with a bright and vibrant look which emanates a cool and fresh demeanour.

On the other hand, you can always go for something a little more understated. For example, by selecting a contemporary neutral frame, you can match this to a myriad of outfits. Hair colour can certainly alter which frames you plump for. For example, if you have auburn locks, it is better to go for gold or coppery frame tones to compliment your hair’s natural colouring. Whether you’re a fiery redhead or a blonde bombshell, SelectSpecs provide many frames to create the optimum effect from rimless to retro.  (Glasses featured above: Savannah 2444)

4.  Prescription Type


Now we are all used to going to the doctors for a prescription to heal us. But this applies to your glasses too. It is key that you seek advice from an optician who will be able to offer advice into the type of glasses prescription you need. On the whole, prescriptions consist of two main categories. In the first instance, there are single-vision lenses. These are usually prescribed for individuals who suffer from near sightedness or far sightedness. Lenses of this nature only benefit from a single corrective power. The other is known as multi-focal lenses extending into bi-focal or even trifocal lenses. Here, these types of lenses are for those who suffer with their sight both far away and near. As a result, multi-focal lenses have numerous corrective properties for your eyes.

3.  Face


As Charles Wright once proclaimed in his song, its time to “express yourself!” Having the right type of glass according to your face shape is of paramount importance. You’ll have people shouting “Aye Aye” in no time if you choose wisely. In this way, the correct eye will improve your overall appearance and place emphasis on your best features. Flattery is what you are after so there’s no point in buying glasses which don’t suit your facial shape. As a rule, there are four main characteristics as far as face shapes are concerned. This includes heart, oval, square and round. By identifying which camp you fall into, it will determine the specific look you should be looking for.  See here for more details.

2.  Lens Material


You may want to look out for the different types of lens material that can be found on glasses. You will find three materials available but bear in mind prices range quite dramatically. This depends on the actual quality of the product when you are searching for the right pair.

Plastic lenses are considered to be the most cost effective of lens types. If you want the LA look without the plastic fantastic prices, this may be up your financial street. It is normally recommended for those who generally require little or no correction all.

Meanwhile, polycarbonate lenses are extremely resistant. These high impact lenses offer more protection and are suitable for people with busier lifestyles. Last but by no means least high index wearers. Light as a feather, these lenses are the lightest on the market. Super thin, comfortable and for the style conscious, you’ll be paying pretty big bucks for these beauties. Try saying that ten times in front of the optometrists mirror.

1.  Pupillary Distance


Your PD or pupillary distance is vital in selecting the right pair of glasses. Having knowledge of this will ensure there are no slip ups along the way. This is defined as the precise distance between the pupils in your eyes. The measurement is usually taken in millimetres and is important to establish the middle of the lens is positioned accordingly at the front.  Watch our video here on how to measure your PD.

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  1. I like that you mentioned that a contemporary neutral frame will easily match a large variety of outfits. It makes sense that something more basic would look good with more things. I am getting glasses soon, and I am trying to choose the right frames. I think these sound like a good option for me, I will look into something like you described.

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