5 Benefits Of Buying Glasses Online

With all the information thrown at us on TV, radio and written press, there’s a minefield of data to sift through. This is exactly the same principle when it comes to buying glasses online.

Yes, we may have to bow our heads or doth our cap to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the internet, as it has benefitted us in a host of ways.  In terms of buying glasses online we can now compare prices, scan mounds of products, designers and styles at just a click of a button!

You no longer need to be short sighted about this (excuse the pun) because choosing the right type of eyewear doesn’t always have to be a difficult decision, especially with the plethora of products available there seems to be an Everest-type mountain of choice, spoiling most of us.

Once you’ve considered your specific requirements, not to mention frames and of course the type of lens, you already have your vision what you want and need! So ladies and gents, it’s time to open your eyes and find out what the main advantages are to buying glasses on the web instead of an high-street optician.

5. Simplicity

As that furry Meerkat once declared to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the ad; it’s simples!  You cannot deny that buying glasses online is an extremely convenient experience. At the end of the day, you don’t have to move anywhere. Your buying decisions can be done and dusted from the comfort of your own abode. What’s not to like?

The influence of seeing everything on your screen is a superb way to look at the whole picture. Talking about pictures, high resolution images have made it just as easy to view every individual product (as well as having 360° views at your fingertips!)

Consequently, selecting the correct eye care and style can be done with ease. This seamless online process allows you to pick which specs are going to be suitable in your own time, rather than the shop assistant waiting for you to decide.

There’s no doubt the online glasses industry has transformed into a multi-million pound sector. This has led to many consumers buying more than one pair of specs across the web.

They could be to wear in the work place, for reading purposes or to bask in a pair of designer glasses on the beach. All that is required is to enter your prescription details including the lens type, frame and any other relevant data. After you have plumped for the perfect pair, just add it to the cart ready for delivery.

On top of this, the payment options could not be easier. Just enter your card details at the virtual check out and job done. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for that parcel to appear.

4. Credibility

We treat buying glasses in the same way as we search for holidays. We are able to search in great detail about almost anything. Whether it is a week in the Cotswolds or a camper van, there are a number of different options which are available to us as consumers.

A site that has a great reputation ensures you can trust them as far as purchasing glasses is concerned. This can only be built over a period of time but it guarantees that your hard earned cash is undeniably safe. We’ve been online since 2005, with a well established 10 year reputation and have been rated 9.2/10 through customer reviews on Trust Pilot.

3. Choice

Having a great selection of products is another important reason why buying glasses online is becoming more and more popular. This spectacular phenomenon has been reaching fever pitch over the last few years and is a doddle to many.

With more and more of us reaching for our smartphone, iPad or other device, one thing is guaranteed above all. And that is choice. There are hundreds of frames not to mention numerous models to choose from in order to achieve the right look. But this is not even starting to scratch the surface on that big glassy eyed lens.

Online sites can offer far reaching brands and eye wear with very appealing prices to boot. It means for us, there is an abundance of products and choice at our fingertips. This features the intricate detail of each pair of glasses and the features contained within them.

Being able to zoom in and inspect them in closer detail is all part of what makes online so advantageous. This particular concept appeals to many of us who need to look closely before making the final purchasing decision.

This is also reflected across the different types of metals, manufacturers and leading brands. In addition to this, each individual pair of glasses has reviews which assist with the overall buying experience.

2. Counting The Pennies

From time to time we have all dreamt about landing those pair of Ray-Bans or bagging a bargain. By shopping online for your specs, it opens the possibilities of grabbing those glasses at a very competitive price. In this way, you don’t have to sit there like Scrooge McDuck tightening your fiscal belt.

By shopping online, you can enjoy a wealth of options, brands and products to enjoy the savings. As Paddy McGuinness says with gusto, the power is very much in your hands.

1. Return to Sender

Any type of optical goods which have been purchased online allows you to send them back hassle free. If the glasses aren’t quite what you are expected or they are not for you, help is certainly at hand.

While Elvis may have prattled on about his problems with the post in 1962, you can be assured Select Specs will ease your mind. As long as you notify us within 7 days of receiving your item they can either refund or replace accordingly.  We also donate any unwanted pairs of glasses to charity too.

Now that’s what you great service! Don’t believe me? Just take a look at some of Select Specs wonderful customer testimonials here.

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