Colour Psychology in Fashion: What Does the Colour of Your Glasses Say About You?

The clothes we wear and the accessories that we choose to adorn ourselves with are much more than aesthetics. As someone who has worked in the fashion industry for a long time, I believe that fashion isn’t frivolous. It’s a part of who we are. It’s art. It’s life. And it’s self-expression.

When Mary Quant invented the mini skirt in the 1960s, she told the world that she wanted to create a fun style that allowed women to “run for the bus”. She changed lives with one single statement, liberating women everywhere. Since then, women have felt more open to use their clothing to reveal parts of their personality.

And I feel very much the same about men’s fashion; especially in the past 5 years as menswear has really come into its own with the 2012 division of Men’s Fashion Week in London.

So how can we show our personality with what we wear? Well, you are probably doing it already without realising. Colour psychology plays a major role in fashion and with so many coloured frames and lenses on the market today for spectacle wearers, there’s a lot being said without us even having to utter a word. Check out our colour psychology interpretations (just interpretations of course) to discover what the colour of your glasses say about you.

The Meaning of Red Glasses

If you know any fiery types, they probably own a pair of red coloured frames. Red is a bold, daring and confident colour. It takes guts to wear something so eye-catching and red glasses are definitely not designed for the introverted.


The Meaning of Pink Glasses

Pink is a very ‘girly’ colour. It can sometimes be interpreted as a toned down version of red but it can also be looked at as a youthful, juvenile colour (perhaps for the woman who never wants to grow up). On a man however, it can be construed as quirky, flamboyant and very in touch with one’s feminine side.

The Meaning of Yellow Glasses

Yellow isn’t an easy hue to pull off and it’s understood in various different ways; warm yellows suggest sunshine and happiness whilst orangey yellows can suggest fun and friendship. Typically, people who work in IT and computer engineering are very drawn to yellow clothing and this could be due to the colour having connections with the logical right side of the brain.

The Meaning of Green Glasses

Green is a truly refreshing colour because of its connections with nature. It’s generally very calming (but this all depends on the shade of green you choose of course). Colour psychology experts tell us that it’s the colour of choice for those who are sensitive, caring and sympathetic.


The Meaning of Blue Glasses

Blue is a hugely popular colour for fashion; mainly because it’s easy and accessible. Choose dark blue / navy and you will project an image of sophistication, power and authority; choose lighter shades and you can cast a cool, calming and youthful presence.

The Meaning of White Glasses

White is the colour of purity and innocence but it can also be related to high fashion due to the popular monochrome trends which have dipped in and out of fashion since the 60s. White is also a summery colour and perfect for people who like to embrace the warmer months.


The Meaning of Black Glasses

Black is oh so sophisticated darling! And that’s why so many people love black frames for their prescription glasses. It’s also the most versatile colour for both prescription glasses and sunglasses; because the colour works with every frame style and every face shape.

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