Halloween Costumes for Glasses Wearers

We are celebrating the ghoulish, ghostly and spooky time of year – Halloween. How about getting some new glasses for the upcoming season? Just because the sun isn’t tanning your pale limbs, doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. In fact, low lying sun can be one of the brightest kinds, and you’ll still need some on trend shades to make sure you look good driving! It’s important to remember that UV rays are present every day and you need to be safe in the sun all year round including the cooler months.

Motherly nag out of the way, the burning question on everyone’s lips right now: what are you going to be for Halloween? How about something or someone with glasses? Some of our favourite characters and celebrities have been defined by their trademark glasses. Why not find inspiration for your Halloween costume this year with glasses and sunglasses shapes that can help to complete your look?  Whether it’s a certain celebrity you’re inspired by, the trends of a particular decade, or icons of film and television, we have a wide variety of different styles to help complete your Halloween costume!


Whether you’re looking to emulate the screen goddesses of the 50′s and 60′s, or are looking to transform yourself into a celebrity like Lady Gaga who can’t get enough of the cat-eye trend, the glamorous shapes of the sultry cat-eye will give you all you need to add those essential finishing touches to your look.

Some of the most iconic female stars have used cat eye glasses to get into character like Louise from Thelma and Louise,  Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot,  Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany’s,  and more recently, Joan Harris from Mad Men.

hal 2Round

Round styles frames are such an iconic accessory that they almost speak for themselves with an outfit. This style was the epitome of 20′s fashion, and again made waves in the 60′s and 70′s with John Lennon becoming famous for his. Whether you’re looking to embody the look of the Great Gatsby, music icons, or Harry Potter, round glasses give you the personality you need to

Get inspiration with round frames from The Great Gatsby, John Lennon, Wheres Wally, Harry Potter, or even Meg Griffin from Family Guy fame!

hal 3


When you think of Aviator frames you think of some of the coolest personalities and some of the greatest endearing rebels and antiheroes!

Aviators can be worn with clear glasses lenses or as sunglasses, depending on the Halloween Costume you are going for there are many to choose from like; Walter White from Breaking Bad, Pharrell Williams (complete with hat) and Tom Cruise as Maverick in the iconic Top Gun.

hal 4Rectangle

Many of the best Halloween costumes are polished off by a pair of sleek rectangle frames, iconic of many famous characters.

Find inspiration for your Halloween Costume, made complete with rectangle frames Clark Kent/Superman, Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black, Leonard, Bernadette and Amy from The Big Bang Theory (many of the other members also wear glasses so there is plenty of opportunity to go as a group!)

hal 5

As you can see there are a plethora of costume ideas for those glasses wearers out there. If you don’t feel like working the contacts on Halloween why not show them off and make your frames part of your costume? There are lots of ways to make your costume work for you and including your glasses is always much preferred than having to remove your lenses with your witchy talon nails. Ouch!  Whether you are getting crafty and making your own costume, or buying one, get creative and embrace the specs. Happy Halloween!

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