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21 of the Cutest Cats in Glasses: #Catsofinstagram

Glasses are cool. Brad Pitt wears them. Taylor Swift wears them. And so does Clark Kent. There’s a world of really cool people and famous celebs who are rocking spectacles, making them trendy, fashionable, chic, hipster…..making them anything but dowdy. But I have a feeling that you’re still not 100% convinced…..then how about “cute”? Glasses can look super, super cute and if you don’t believe us, take a look at these cute cats of instagram looking ridiculously adorable in glasses…

Because sometimes, we just need some pics of cute cats and kittens to make our day go faster. Here are 21 of the cutest cats in glasses on instagram right now.

1. Gingersgeorgefluff

This cat loves a good book and we’re off to buy ourselves a copy of Men With Cats. If this isn’t adorable, we don’t know what is!

2. Animalsnapshots

It’s one of those things that only cats / people who wear glasses have to deal with; falling asleep whilst reading then waking up with crooked glasses, doh!

3. Meikakitty

A photo posted by Meow. (@meikakitty) on

This cat is too hipster for its own good. Hat back, glasses on, chilling out to the coffee shop beats…

4. Snazzy.cats

Meet the most pensive cat you’ll ever see. The glasses are on and he’s already quoting Aristotle and pondering about the meaning of life. See? Glasses will make you smart.

5. Eyeconomics

A photo posted by Amanda Cox (@eyeconomics) on

We love this cat because he’s rocking the Harry Potter look – and we all know that the HP look is sooo geek chic. We don’t know if he loves his owner for doing this, but we certainly love his owner for sharing this pic!

6. Tyannahmikae

A photo posted by Tyannah Price (@tyannahmikae) on

Glasses are supposed to improve our vision but we’re pretty sure this cat can’t see a thing…

7. Pijuisilver

A photo posted by Pijui (@pijuisilver) on

This adorable kitty loves the camera, food, sleep and playtime according to its instagram bio. Hmm…it can probably add “spectacle-wearing fashionista” to its repertoire too.

8. Topazhazadventures

A photo posted by Topaz (@topazhazadventures) on

This has got to be one of our all time favourite pics because it shows us that it’s true what they say; like owner, like cat. And what other style of frame would you choose for a cat than ‘cat eye’.

9. Animalbuzz

Not only do we love the whole hipster vibe here (the check shirt really makes it) but we’re also digging the whole white backdrop + studio vibe. This cat’s no stranger to a photoshoot.

10. Sophie_the_model

A photo posted by Sophie (@sophie_the_model) on

This cat is an aspiring “meowdel” and already has 67,900 followers on instagram. But don’t expect it to be filled with picture perfect images and glossy, curated shots. There’s that too, but this meowdel knows how to pull a silly face like Cara Delevigne. This meowdel doesn’t take life too seriously. 😉

11. XO.OSX

A photo posted by x o •  ø s x (@xo.osx) on

This is what Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons should be about. This gives us great weekend inspiration….

12. Amberbreek

Some cats are just meant to be wise…

13. Pete_pics

A photo posted by Peter (@pete_pics) on

And some cats are just meant to be silly…

14. Janalana

A photo posted by Jana Saxon (@janalana) on

The happiest cat to ever wear glasses. We heart this pic and we hope wearing glasses makes everyone this happy.

15. Thelewisbros

A photo posted by Ralph & Ted (@thelewisbros) on

We think glasses are awesome but we understand that we can’t impress everyone, this cat included.

16. Cottoncandycrew

Smart, spectacle wearing cats need their sleep too. Shh… not disturb.

17. Jennagilmartin

This cat has great taste in eyeglasses. She’s rocking a pair of Jimmy Choo prescription spectacles and that makes her pretty cool in our books.

18. Trudycat_

A photo posted by Trudy Two Socks (@trudycat_) on

Narrow set full-rim frames in a sophisticated burgundy; a great choice of eyewear for Trudy’s close-up.

19. the_other_grumpy_cat

Aww, we just love the bright red cat eye frame. What a retro look and it sure does brighten up a grumpy face.

20. Charlesbartowski_purr

Now it simply doesn’t get any cuter than a fluffy Persian in geek chic specs and a bow tie. This 15 year old cat called Charles is a dapper kitty in this cute get-up. Kudos to his stylist.

21. Snazzy.cats

Last but not least, we have another fun instagram post from Snazzy.cats. Because even cats have to look smart for work. This outfit is on point, sir.

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