Glasses might not be the first thing on top of your list if you won the lottery, perhaps it’s a country mansion, a Ferrari or even your own island somewhere in the Caribbean you’ll have your sights on? But come on, if you just won the jackpot why stop there?  Especially when it’s free to dream and for that reason we’ve rounded up a selection of our most expensive brands available through us for those of you who enjoy dipping into a few of those ‘if money were no object’ fantasies.


Nothing speaks filthy rich like a brand name you’re not even sure how to pronounce (said as Bulgari, just so you know.)  Like New York’s Tiffany & Co in New York, Bvlgari too began in creating extravagant jewellery in Rome since 1884 and continue to produce elegant pieces designed to make the wearer feel as though they’ve been dipped in gold, although in their words, customers admire their bold, sophisticated and unmistakeable style.    In fact, according to “every Bvlgari product…has been stringently checked to ensure that it upholds the Bvlgari tradition of craftsmanship and is perfectly faithful to the sensitivity and intentions of its creator.”  If you want to own a piece of that kind of excellence then this frame above, strictly for ladies, can be whisked away for £1,440.72. Designed to make millionaires feel like millionaires.


Austrian designer Baldessarini is perhaps more commonly known for his expensive colognes and perfumes, which supposedly “separates the men from the boys” and this style mantra clearly extends into their classic and just so achingly cool eyewear range, too.  Men with an effortlessly calm exterior and a smooth manner, while others are losing their heads, is the kind of clientele Baldessarini attract and serve.  If George Clooney were a pair of glasses, these would be it.  This pair is a tiny bump down in price for a £1,373.40, but at least you could still afford that sports car.

Tom Ford

You know the name, and you probably know how many pound signs flash before your eyes when seeing the price from any of this designer’s products!  Tom Ford perfume, cosmetics, shoes – this guy doesn’t do buy one get one free, because quick frankly, he doesn’t have to in order to get his luxury products flying of the shelves.  Of course most of us can’t afford any of them and may never own anything imprinted with the golden ‘TF’ emblem, we can only dream and sigh oh how the other half live.  So it might come as a surprise this frame above is actually the least expensive for ladies in this list at £515.52, now where can I buy those Louboutin shoes…


Does a Switzerland-based luxury watch company spell out money to you?  If it doesn’t then you’ve been living under a rock for the last millennium, Chopard are a prestigious brand who go way back to 1860 – a good year (some pompous historian might say).  But what this really says to most of us is a brand with such strong heritage is also a brand that isn’t cheap.  Their brand now extends into eyewear but also jewellery and other distinguished accessories.  With previous sponsorship partners like the star-studded Cannes Film Festival,  The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique and this year being official timing partner for Porsche you can guess who their target market are.  Looking on the bright side, you don’t need to be that filthy rich to snatch these male frames for £467.57.

By james