A good pair of glasses will serve you all year round but did you know that the changing of seasons isn’t always good for our eyesight? And effectively, that can change our needs when it comes to finding the right frames. In winter, there’s a higher risk of dry eye syndrome, reduced nighttime vision, and even temporary blurred vision due to the lack of moisture in the air!

So winter isn’t exactly kind to our eyes. But there are a few things you can do when shopping to help you out during the cold weather period.

Here are some tips when choosing your next pair of prescription glasses.

1. Tinted / Photochromic Lenses

choosing glasses winter eyesight

It’s easy to forget about sun protection in the winter time. When in actual fact, glare can be a big problem in snowy weather with so many light surfaces for the sunlight to bounce off. Sun damage to the eyes is just as important when it’s cold. So when shopping for prescription glasses, be sure to find a transition or photochromic lens that will change colour according to how much light is outside. This way, you won’t need to remember your sunglasses when you leave the house.

At SelectSpecs, all prescription glasses can be customised with a choice of tints and photochromic colours and it’s important to understand the purpose of the different coloured lenses. For winter, grey lenses work well because they are suitable for dark outdoor conditions as well as brighter conditions. Although green lenses can also be a good all-rounder and pink lenses are best for bright, snowy landscapes.

2. Full Coverage Frames

When shopping for glasses in winter, another element to consider is how much coverage you will need. If you suffer from dry or irritated eyes during the colder season, choosing a pair of  aviators or wraparound glasses will help to shield your eyes from the harsh atmosphere.

In the same way that goggles protect your eyes for winter sports, wraparound frames like these Nike 7072/1 glasses will give you enhanced armour against the elements.

wraparound glasses winter eyewear

3. Polarised Lenses

choosing glasses winter eyesight

Another option you may come across when selecting your lenses is the polarised lens. This technology is often used for sunglasses but you can also get these lenses installed for prescription eyewear.

They help to reduce glare – this dramatically improves vision and can even enhance colour perception. If you live in a place which receives regular snow in the winter, polarised lenses are a great option to keep your vision in top working order.

4. Anti-Reflection Coating

choosing glasses winter eyesight

Night vision can be a problem during the cold months. That sunny drive home from work in the summer can turn into a dark journey in winter – and many people suffer from poorer vision in these conditions.

Not only will vision deteriorate in the darkness, but the reflecting lights from other cars and streetlights can cause us to struggle to see ahead safely. To prevent this from happening, add an anti-reflective coating to your lenses. This coating is offered for free on all prescription lenses at SelectSpecs and is an easy way of making your specs safe for winter evenings and late night driving.


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By james

3 thoughts on “Tips for Choosing Prescription Glasses in Winter”
  1. It gets very cold where I live, and I wanted to find some good glasses to make life a bit easier. You mentioned that a big problem in snowy weather is the glare from the sun reflecting off the snow, and that you should consider shaded prescription glasses. I always hate walking in the blinding light that happens after it snows, so I’ll have to find a good optometrists that can help me find a quality pair for scenarios like that.

  2. I recently found out that I’m going to need to get some prescription glasses to help correct my vision, and I have no idea what to look for. I’m going to have to look for some of the polarized lenses that you talked about that reduce glare while you’re wearing you prescription glasses. I think that if I can find some glasses that help me feel confident as well as improve my vision with the right prescription, I’m going to be happy with my purchase! Thanks for the help!

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