Ways to Keep Your Vision Clear this Winter

Ways to Keep Your Vision Clear this Winter

The need for winter eye care isn’t exactly news to our industry. But with the latest research on dry eye syndrome and blurry vision, it’s important for everyone to take extra precautions in 2016. Temporary blurred vision is far more likely to occur in wintertime, according to eye researcher Sharon Kleyne and this increase in eye problems is triggered by the effects of dry eye syndrome.

Dry eyes happen in winter when the atmosphere being much cooler and less humid, essentially steals the moisture from our eyes. As the dry atmosphere evaporates the moist tear film which normally...   read more

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Tips for Choosing Prescription Glasses in Winter

A good pair of glasses will serve you all year round but did you know that the changing of seasons isn’t always good for our eyesight? And effectively, that can change our needs when it comes to finding the right frames. In winter, there’s a higher risk of dry eye syndrome, reduced nighttime vision, and even temporary blurred vision due to the lack of moisture in the air!

So winter isn’t exactly kind to our eyes. But there are a few things you can do when shopping to help you out during the cold weather period.

Here are some tips when choosing your next pair of prescription...   read more

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5 Unbelievable Vision Hacks that You Just Have to Try!

Here are 5 life hacks that you just have to try to help improve your vision on the spot. Some of these vision hacks are more handy than others but nonetheless, they’re pretty mind-blowing and you just have to try it to believe it!

Give them a go and make sure you share this around your office. Julie from finance who always loses her glasses will really appreciate these clever tips…

1. Look Through Your Hand

Can’t see? Forgot your specs? Not to worry. If you can’t find your glasses (and you’ve double checked your head), just use your hand as a lens. The small hole through your hands will act...   read more

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Red Eyes and Bloodshot Eyes: What Are the Causes?

Red eyes or bloodshot eyes can be extremely worrying, especially if it comes on all of a sudden. Many health experts tell us that the whites of our eyes can often be indicators of the health issues with our livers – so it can be a scary prospect when you see redness or discolouration when you look in the mirror. But most of the time, redness in the eye is just a minor condition. Here are some of the causes of eye redness and bloodshot eyes but if the symptoms don’t improve, it’s important to book an appointment to see your GP.

Painless Red Eye: Conditions & Causes

Redness in the eye that doesn’t hurt is usually...   read more

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5 Tips on How to Decrease Stress & Improve Eye Health

The UK’s National Stress Awareness day is on the 4th of November this year. Stress is the feeling of being under too much emotional or mental pressure, and can affect us all due to the worries of modern life. It’s normal to feel stressed sometimes, but it’s important to recognise when relationship, life, work or money worries are becoming too much.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do to prevent stress, but there are many things that you can do to manage stress more effectively, such as learning relaxation techniques, taking regular exercise, and improving...   read more

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Eye Health Awareness Week 2010 – Day 7: Stress & Eye Strain

Eye strain is now a hazard of daily life with our ever-increasing use of screens. Strain occurs simply from focusing on one distance for too long and can be easily mitigated by taking regular screen breaks. Other contributing factors to eye strain are poor lighting, having your computer at the wrong height, a stuffy atmosphere and – of course – stress.

Just because we all use computers these days it doesn’t mean that our eyes are no longer susceptible to strain so just as much care needs to be taken to rest the eyes as it did when computers were first introduced to the workplace. Screen...   read more

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