Eye Health Awareness Week 2010 – Day 7: Stress & Eye Strain

Eye strain is now a hazard of daily life with our ever-increasing use of screens. Strain occurs simply from focusing on one distance for too long and can be easily mitigated by taking regular screen breaks. Other contributing factors to eye strain are poor lighting, having your computer at the wrong height, a stuffy atmosphere and – of course – stress.

Just because we all use computers these days it doesn’t mean that our eyes are no longer susceptible to strain so just as much care needs to be taken to rest the eyes as it did when computers were first introduced to the workplace. Screen breaks are not just for work-shy malingerers! Just a few minutes away from the screen can make all the difference.


Another cause of eye strain can simply be failure to take into account your age. It’s a sad fact of life that once we cross the rubicon of our 40th birthday our eyesight begins to deteriorate. Ignoring this and trying to carry on as normal will only result in squinting and straining – an eye test and glasses is the only way to deal with it.

However, headaches, sore eyes or blurred vision can be symptomatic of a more serious condition than simple eye strain. If these symptoms persist it’s worth keeping a note of when they occur to help with a diagnosis should medical help become necessary.

To help combat eyestrain caused by using computer screens an anti-reflective coating should be adopted on your lenses to eliminate surface reflections.  This increases the light transmission through the lenses and provides you with clear, defined vision day or night. Any optician should advise you to incorporate an anti-reflective coating for computer use and night-time driving.  The coating has stylistic benefits as well, as the lenses tend to appear thin and almost non-existent, making your eyes look more natural.

What’s next?

That’s it folks! Now it’s time to get your eyes checked, so book in at your local optician today. If you need new glasses we will of course be happy to help!

Tony (SelectSpecs)

Tony is the resident optician at SelectSpecs.com, you'll normally find him blogging about eye health and sharing his general optical knowledge.

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