As a result of advancements in technology and digital media and the impact that has had on the changing workforce, many people now spend a significant time at their desks working away at the mercy of a computer screen. Even those who do not work in office jobs may have to encounter screens from time to time. In addition to this, we live in a day and age where we are constantly glued to our phones and tablets on a regular basis, with some of us looking at the screens for several hours a day.

It’s understandable that in certain roles and industries – such as marketing, IT and graphic design – some of us have no choice but to use computers and laptops constantly, but it is vital to ensure that your eyes receive the care that they need. Here are our top 5 tips for caring for your eyes when working at a screen all day.

1. Take regular breaks away from the screen

Make sure you schedule regular breaks away from the screen to refresh your eyes because working at a screen non-stop can cause eye strain and headaches. Plus, taking regular breaks is beneficial anyway – it’s not healthy to be constantly on the go and have a rest from time to time can help you to refocus and reduce your stress levels.

2. Shut your eyes at regular intervals

In addition to taking breaks, a really good tip for caring for your eyes is to shut your eyes for 90 seconds at regular intervals throughout the day. This is another way to help your eyes to refresh, relax and re-adjust away from the screen.

3. Prevent glare

Glare – light that reflects from the sun and bounces back to your eyes – is very problematic for the eyes as it can interfere with your vision and cause eye strain. In order to prevent this, you need to ensure that your working environment is structured in such a way to prevent light from hitting your computer screen. First of all, make sure that you have blinds in your office to reduce the number of sun rays reflecting on the screen. You might have to consider sitting in a part of the office when you don’t have your back to the window and your computer or laptop is facing away from the window.

Other ways to reduce or prevent glare include:
⦁ Wearing sunglasses
⦁ Adjusting the angle of your screen
⦁ Adjusting the brightness setting on your laptop/computer
⦁ Applying a monitor hood
⦁ Adding anti-glare film

4. Use an adjustable seat

When working on the screen, it is important to make sure that your eyes are directly focused to the top of the screen. Use an adjustable seat or purchase props to help you adjust your seating position (i.e. cushions or a footrest) so that you are directly facing the screen in the right way.

5. Go for regular eye tests

Going for eye tests is essential to maintaining the health of your eyes, regardless of your age or other factors. However, if you find yourself using screen a lot, then perhaps you should consider going for checkups more regularly. In general, you should aim to go for a checkup once every two years (if you don’t have issues with your eyes) or at least once a year.

By james