Top 5 Tips For Caring For Your Eyes When Working At A Screen All Day

As a result of advancements in technology and digital media and the impact that has had on the changing workforce, many people now spend a significant time at their desks working away at the mercy of a computer screen. Even those who do not work in office jobs may have to encounter screens from time to time. In addition to this, we live in a day and age where we are constantly glued to our phones and tablets on a regular basis, with some of us looking at the screens for several hours a day.

It’s understandable that in certain roles and industries – such as marketing, IT and graphic design...   read more

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Wet Sunglasses on Grass

How Lenses Work: Transitions, Polarised, UV Protection

Most of us don a pair of sunglasses over the summer months and don’t think much of it. Yet with the increasing array of lens choices claiming to prevent this or improve that, it can be confusing choosing the best pair for your eye health. Here we break down the science jargon and make it a little easier to understand exactly what each lens will do to protect your eyes.

Standard Lenses

A lot of us still wear sunglasses with standard lenses which work at their most basic, as a coloured filter. They only let through light the same colour as the lens, showing us a tinted and darkened image. Generally speaking...   read more

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