Did you know that MIRA, the next generation of measuring Pupillary Distance (PD), is already live in our webshop since the beginning of March 2018?

MIRA is a smartphone application which can measure your Pupillary Distance (PD) with only using your smartphone and a mirror. PD is the distance between the centres of the pupils, which is widely considered the most basic measure in optics. This measure is important so the focal points of the lenses can be positioned right in front of your pupils. This way you can have better glasses which suit you perfectly. Read more about the Pupillary Distance on the MIRA Measure blog. MIRA comes with a millimetre accuracy, which makes this method the most accurate online method for measuring PD.  The image has to be taken in front of a half-length mirror in order to create a 3D model of the user on which the measurement can be done. In this way MIRA removes the need for scaling devices (such as credit card) and relies on algorithms based on your exact facial measurements. Read more about the technology behind MIRA on the MIRA Measure blog.

This service can be tried when ordering glasses at selectspecs.com. The ‘get measured by App’ option can be chosen during the ordering process under the ‘What is your Pupillary Distance?’ menu point. After the order is placed and confirmed an e-mail is sent to you from where the measurement can be accessed. If the App is not already downloaded then the same link first sends you to the AppStore. Then you only need to follow the steps provided by the application in order to take the perfect image. Finally, the image is uploaded to the cloud and then after the evaluation the PD result is sent back. The result e-mail also contains a link to a survey which helps MIRA Measure to collect valuable feedback for future improvements.

The application is easy to use. Based on the survey results almost 90% of the customers watch the tutorial video at the home screen of the app and more than 95% of the users feel easy or relatively easy the image taking process. The tutorial video already reached 1500 views on YouTube.

MIRA is becoming a more and more popular way to get PD measurement online. Based on the last 2 months the service has a more than 95% success rate and also almost 95% of the users feel more confident buying glasses online knowing that their Pupillary Distance was measured accurately.

Currently MIRA is only supported by Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), but don’t worry in the upcoming few months the Android version of MIRA will be introduced as well at selectspecs.com. Until that point use your own iOS device or borrow your friend’s iOS device and measure your PD by the App at your next SelectSpecs order, and stay tuned for the Android release.