Top 10 Adulting Tips To Get You On Track

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “this needs adult supervision,” and having it dawn on you that you actually are one?

No matter your age, whether new to the adulting world, if so, welcome, and we are sorry, or a versed veteran, it can be difficult being the responsible party in any given situation.

So, here are some general tips to adult with the best of them.

1. Organization

You have inherited the job of knowing where everything is in your home.

Whether it’s a missing sock, your keys, phone, or that one earring that completes your perfect outfit.

Now, the easiest way to do this is to stay organized and find a place for everything and put everything in its proper place.

But, this is easier said than done.

So, here are some useful pointers:


  • Your certificates, official documents, medical records, passport etc. should all live in one place
  • Use a box, binder, or drawer
  • Section and categorize for easy access


  • Invest in what may seem like a ludicrous amount of Tupperware boxes, mason jars, cutlery drawer separators, and lidded boxes
  • They are useful for storing not only foodstuffs but tools, jewellery or anything small

Homeware Tools

  • Have a tool space to store the usual hammer, nails, etc.
  • Keep all spare parts for household items and furniture manuals
  • Mark items to locate easily


  • Store clothes by season
  • Put away heavier winter clothes and jackets to make room for those summer dresses
  • Store clothes in a suitcase in a storage area under the bed, loft, storage cupboard etc.
  • Packing clothing away keeps them from getting damp or dirty
  • Throw in some scented dryer sheets for added freshness

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2. Planning

Whether a 5-year plan or a next week plan, know what’s happening and what needs to be done.

Get insurance, be prepared, have backups of important documents or files on your computer, or a spare key.

Note payments due and deadlines for forms to be filled or tasks to be done, as well as things to do annually, or every few months.

When things like insurance or your passport need renewing, know when your lease is up and when you need to think about moving or renewing, and so on.

Have emergency protocols from medical conditions to allergies, or even your stance on organ donation, and resuscitation, and a living will.

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3. Time Management

Procrastination is the killer of productivity.

Avoid it by setting time deadlines for yourself when things need to get done.

Whether mowing the lawn over the weekend or writing your thesis, make a to do list with a timeline, and reward yourself when tasks are ticked off.

Schedule breaks and downtime; overworking yourself is counterproductive.

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4. Responsibility

The days of placing blame have passed.

Owning up to your life choices, and taking responsibility is the first step to creating real lasting change.

Things like family influence, or childhood issues need to be dealt with and set aside.

Take control of your own life, your finances, health; both physical and psychological, and career path.

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5. The Financial

Save, have a rainy day fund, invest.

The best way to control your spending is first to observe and document it.

Create a monthly expense spreadsheet, and see where your money is going.

Schedule monthly bills, or set up automatic payments, and have an at home safe or safety deposit box for valuables.

Your emergency fund should be 6 months living expenses and you should live by the 20-30-50 rule: 20% savings or towards debt, 30% of your monthly income should be spent on housing (invest here and buy as soon as you can), and 50% towards all other living expenses.

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6. The Edible

While living off of takeaway and microwave dinners may seem appealing at one point or another, eating healthy while staying within a budget and not spending hours a day in preparation is doable.

The first step is planning your meals.

So, on a weekly basis (or fortnightly), make a meal plan, build a grocery list based on it, order your shop, or if you prefer an old school supermarket experience, go for it.

Do as much meal prep as possible beforehand when you have a free chunk of time.

Wash and dice vegetables, marinate meats and so on, and you should be all set.

Another great tip is to always have healthy snacks on hand.

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7. Health

Quit smoking, or drinking too much (or altogether).

Work out, walk, jog, run, plan active excursions, schedule doctor and dentist appointments and check ups, perform self-exams, know your body, monitor your cycle, sleep 8 hours, and drink water.

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8. Career

While this may be a recurring theme here, it’s what adulting is all about.

Have a plan, and know where you want to be in your career in 5 years; it makes it easier to work towards your goals.

Don’t have your career choice set in stone yet?

That’s OK too, let the plan be finding your career path.

Being unfulfilled in your job just to pay the bills is a right of passage for most, but the key is to continue to search within yourself as much as the employment sites, if not more.

Have a side hustle, a second job, or a passion project.

Push yourself, aim to excel, gain credentials, take courses, go to night school, get certified, learn a new skill or trade.

You get the idea.

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9. Social Life

It’s all about balance, find yours.

Prioritize family, career or friends, but know that whichever aspect you invest your time in, will flourish, perhaps at the expense of the others.

Quality over quantity here though, one good friend can be all you need, family can be friends too.

Make the choice to see loved ones on special occasions, or not at all.

Toxic people shouldn’t be a part of your life.

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10. Chores

Have a cleaning schedule of daily, weekly or even monthly chores.

It is OK to designate.

Be aware that proper care, maintenance and cleanliness of your household appliances, furniture and amenities can prolong their life and usage.

Happy adulting!

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