Summer 2017: Kid’s Sunglasses

Summer is nearly here, and we are all busy preparing for those sunny days when we can proudly sport our favorite sunglasses. If you have a week off and want to get a glowing tan, choose Spain or Italy, famous for their beaches. Or even Brighton if the British weather helps you. Your summer wardrobe may be already set, but there is one small issue: you have a stylish child, mini fashionista or just a very cool kid with a developed taste in fashion.

If you’re in disarray, don’t panic. We have all the style solutions you desire for your little one.

Pepe Junior

If your boy is crazy about being fashionable, looking good in his casual jeans and putting that cheeky smile on, summer is just the best season.

He will adore going out for a walk, so that he can show his new pair of sunglasses – the Pepe Junior PJ8032. 

On top of that, if he’s a blonde wonder, the white frame will fit him. Don’t overthink, it takes £46.44 to make his outfit complete.


So your little girl adores wearing shirts and dresses. She is clearly in love with her Adidas shoes or with her gold headphones.

It will make you proud to take her out for some ice cream and a walk in the park. And she will be able to wear her new pair of sunglasses – the Ray-Ban RB3044 Aviator Small Metal.

They are one of the coolest Aviators on the market and your little star won’t be disappointed.

Ray-Ban RB3447

The boy is the look-a-like of Johnny Deep.

He wears a stylish coat, shiny shoes and his hair is spot on. You just can’t resist taking him to the movies or to the high street for some shopping.

Now those sunny days are approaching, he can be the star of his group. All he needs is the right item – the Ray-Ban RB3447.

Prepare yourself as you might be the proud parent of the newest Hollywood star who will break ladies hearts in 20 years. Naples is a good destination for your summer holiday as he will look like a genuine bambino.

Dolce & Gabbana Children’s Collection

She is already in love with dresses. During summers, her outfit of choice is a small black leather vest and some fancy boots.

Your daughter will be the happiest girl in the world if you can make her summer even cooler with a pair of Dolce&Gabbana DG4238 Children’s Collection.

It takes £78.62 to make her feel like a little princess. Also, she might enjoy a trip to Paris or Rome. It’s entirely your call.

EyeStuff ES Paddle

Last but not least, if your boy is crazy about his pop star haircut and pair of short denim jeans, you can give him a hand and buy a pair of EyeStuff ES Paddle.

These Aviators are colorful and affordable for every budget. Summer will look very different in the eyes of your soon-to-be Bruno Mars.

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