Tips To Keep Hay Fever At Bay

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Keep Hayfever at Bay

Uh oh. It’s that time of year again. The blossoms are on the trees, your neighbors are mowing the grass and flowers are popping up everywhere. For some unfortunate people, this means runny noses, red watery eyes and sneezes aplenty. It’s almost enough to ruin your summer.

But do not fear, we have compiled together some of the top tips on how to prevent the horrid hay fever from striking. Or at least minimize the effect it has on you. So make sure you read up below, and properly prepare for the pollen.

1. Minimize Mascara


Hay fever is caused by little particles of pollen getting into your eyes, nose, mouth and throat.

Even though mascara is for many, an essential addition to your makeup look, it can actually make your symptoms of hay fever worse.

Because mascara traps pollen spores floating around the air, they can stick to your lashes and mascara. This leads to the spores sitting close to your eyes for a long period of time, inevitably making your hay fever worse.

2. Change Contact Lenses Daily

If you are a contact lens wearer, then it is especially important to make sure you wear disposable contact lenses and change them daily.

This will help prevent the build-up of pollen spores on your lenses, and make sure you’re not ‘re-infecting’ yourself every day!

3. Moisturize Your Nose


To prevent the entry of pollen spores into your nose, a really easy thing to do is to rub some clear petroleum jelly around your nostrils.

This way, most particles floating around in the air will actually stick to the jelly rather than entering your body – win!

You can also use beeswax if you prefer.

4. Wear Frames

Did you know, wearing glasses or sunglasses is one of the most effective ways to prevent pollen entering your eyes?

For obvious reasons, the lenses create an impenetrable barrier which stops hay fever in its tracks. Not only will you feel amazing, but you will continue to look pretty cool too.

Try the gorgeous Smith Optics ROCKFORD SLIM in rose gold. Their aviator style, rose gold metal frames and mirrored lenses will bring any outfit you wear bang up to date.


Another great style of glasses to wear is the wraparound style. The curved design will prevent any dust or pollen particles from entering your eyes from the side as well as from the front.

Try the Serengeti Serengeti Sport FASANO. Their tortoiseshell design and tinted brown frames have a classic style which would go well with almost any outfit.

 Serengeti Serengeti Sport FASANO

6. Eye Drops

You can buy anti-inflammatory eye drops from pretty much any pharmacist.

They are a fantastic way to reduce the itchiness hay fever causes, as well as minimizing redness and swelling.

They should be used twice a day for maximum effectiveness, but make sure you follow the instructions on the pack.

7. Close Windows


Although this is difficult to do when it is hot, closing your windows will prevent pollen spores from entering your home and getting stuck in your curtains and any other fabric in your home.

Pollen levels are highest first thing in the morning and in the evening, so make sure you keep windows shut at these peak times.

Have a look at some other top reasons for wearing sunglasses!

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