5 Subtle Signs You Need Glasses

We know, it can be difficult to be certain that you need glasses. But you’d be amazed by how often many notice a sudden change in their vision, or even spend years with a vision issue without exploring why. Either way, you will certainly reap the benefits of having your eyes checked.

Read our top unexpected signs that you may need reading glasses. Thank us later.

1. Frequent headaches

It’s normal to have the occasional headache or two.

But research shows that they can be a sign of short sightedness, which can cause objects up close or at a distant to appear blurry. The more you strain your eyes, the more likely it will lead to a headache.

So, if you have frequent headaches from reading a book or working on your laptop, it’s almost a sure sign that you have a vision problem.

2. Frequent eye squinting

Ever found yourself having to do this?

You’re doing so to reduce the extra light entering your eye. It can help to reduce blurred vision.

A temporary fix, it can also be a sign that you are trying to compensate for lack of sight, as well as not being able to see objects from up close or far away.

3. Losing your place or finger when pointing to read

Do you lose your spot or skip certain lines when reading?

It could be Strabismus – in other words, the eyes aren’t aligned correctly and end up pointing in different directions.

Or it could even be astigmatism – a minor eye condition which causes blurred or distorted vision. Not sure if this happens to you?

It’s best to watch for finger pointing the next time you read.


4. Reading near your face or at arm’s length

Some people rarely notice how they hold their book or food menu. But it can say a lot about their vision.

If you notice that you hold yours near your face, it could mean you’re near-sighted. Or if you find yourself holding it at arm’s length, it’s a sign of short sightedness.


5. Sitting up-close to the TV

Another sign of near-sightedness. Find yourself having to move as close to your TV as possible?

That’s because you’re compensating for being unable to see from a distance by moving closer to the screen. But again, this is only a temporary fix.

So, it seems like the way you position yourself and use your eyes to focus determines the state of your vision. If you notice yourself doing any of these, it’s best to visit your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Or if you notice anyone close to you doing this, better advise them to get them examined. And not just so you’re prescribed with eyeglasses or contacts, but also so they can check for common eye diseases and how your eyes work together as a whole.

They can even be an indicator of your overall health. So the quicker you book your appointment, the better your eyes will be.

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  • After work, I love to sit down and play some video games. Lately, I’ve noticed I can’t see the screen as well. Thank you for informing me that if you have to move closer to the TV that’s a sign of nearsightedness. I’ll have to get eyeglasses.

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