Luxury Lenses: 23 Carat Gold Plated Prescription Glasses

This is one hell of an expensive eye habit – wearing solid gold or gold plated glasses. It’s the price tag that will make some people feel uncomfortable.

The question some of you might be asking, is why?

Why would anyone decide to spend so much on glasses where you can get functional eyeglasses at an affordable price and still enjoy the benefits they are suppose to offer?

Well, just like some people choose to wear their most expensive jewels on special occasions, others like to wear them everyday or as often as they can.

For those without any financial restrictions, acquiring an expensive spectacle is one of the many ways, to show off their status symbol.

This is in addition to having expensive watches and sports cars. Check out the top gold lenses below.

BVLGARI 18k Yellow Gold

When you hear of the Bvlgari eyewear range, you think of quality, craftsmanship and luxury. Comparable to having jewels for the eyes or face.

Influenced by Greco-Roman themes as per the founder Greek Sotirio Bulgari.

At £2402.92, Bvlgari BV 106K will rock the boat of those that have a strong attachment to acquiring extravagant items. For those who splurge, eyeglasses are much more than just a mere accessories.

Half Rimless

"The great gift of humans is that we have the power of empathy." -Meryl Streep- Photo by @mertalas and @macpiggott

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Meryl Streep looks elegant in these half rim glasses.

Ideal for those that want lightweight glasses without feeling so much weight around their nose. For the classic look consider the Bvlgari BV1084K. The classic look of a librarian.

Rimless Gold

If you like slightly thicker temples, you can consider Bvlgari BV1086TK. The lack of frames makes them so perfect for those that don’t want any weight on or around their nose and ears. Patrick Dempsey was seen rocking rimless glasses.

Floral Touch

The jewels on Bvlgari BV2123K inlaid by hand offer a sweet feminine touch without being too overbearing. Completing the temples are collections of small gemstones in orange and purple. Very subtle and stylish.


With over 140 years of eyewear craftsmanship under its belt, you know you can to trust Rodenstock when it comes to your prescription glasses. It’s home to some of their brands there at SelectSpecs such as PORSCHE DESIGN.

Meryl Streep was seen wearing gold glasses in the movie Devil’s Wear Prada.

If the ranges from Bvlgari are out of your ideal price point, consider the Rodenstock R4275, gold plated eyewear made of Ruthenium.

Suitable for those that like metal frames and are big fans of sleek temples with steep temple tips.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc manufactures some of the world’s most expensive pens, writing instruments and watches. The desire to have a slice of the luxury eyewear market has led them to develop some prescription glasses at high prices.

What a hero #Dimbleby #bremain #eureferendum2016 #eureferendumresult #allnighter #sharktie

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David Dimbleby British journalist and a presenter of current affairs seen in gold glasses.

These lenses has an interesting look where the temples have been spread out.

Also noticed the cool bridge similar to the ones seen on aviator glasses. Men and women can wear Mont Blanc MB0198. The minimal design would suit those that like modern styles.

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